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April 7, 2011

The Beacon’s Connie Crowley won first place and Best of Show for her pencil drawing now on display thru April at the Monroe County District Library.         Photos by M. Ackerman

Two Beacon employees were recognized for their artistic talents during th 2011 Monroe Arts Council Art Show in progress at the Monroe County District Library. Belva Blackstone is shown with the three pieces she submitted. The center one, an abstract, won first place. 

Monroe Artists Art Show Winners

by Martha Ackerman

We’re proud of our talented employees Belva Blackstone and Connie Crowley, who came away with first place laurels at the 2011 Monroe Artists Art Show now in progress at the Monroe County District Library. Crowley also took the Best of Show award.

Winners included: photograph - Marie Haas. 1st; Pastor Greg Fish, 2nd; honorable mentions - Greg Fish, Marie Haas and Daniel Caron.

Animal/wildlife category - Constance Crowley, 1st and Best of Show; Georgia Dangel; Saundra Sofia, honorable mention. Still Life: Georgia Dangel, 1st and 2nd, Doris Morris, honorable mention.

Portraits - Georgia Dangel, 1st; Marlene Moose, 2nd. Abstract/Non Representational - Belva Blackstone, 1st; Gala Brown, 2nd and honorable mention. 3-Dimensional - Charles Henning, 1st; Susan Moose, 2nd; Roger Burgess, honorable mention; Land-scapes - Yvonne Reusser, 1st, 2nd and honorable mention. Youth, under age 18 - Deborah Partin, 1st and 2nd. 

All the art pieces will be on display throughout the month of April. Pamphlets on the 3rd annual Summer Art Camp are available at the library. Deadline to register is June 1.

 Around the Burnside    

Education teaches us the rules, while experience teaches us the exception.

Kindness is the oil that takes the friction out of our life.

Well, the basketball season is all but over. the high school season was over with the Boys’ State Tournament. Attending the tournament has been a must ever since I caught the basketball fever when we moved to Skyvue.

This year’s tournament was among the better ones over the years. I think we’ve been going since 1972. Only one game was rather boring when one team was ahead something like 40 points. Of course you heard several fans complaining regarding some of the calls the refs made; however, you never see any of them on the floor blowing a whistle. Hiland proved without a doubt they were champion in their division. In my opinion they did it by playing basketball rather than some of the run and gun style some teams play. Ok, it also helps to have three players over six feet tall and can hit the threes.

You know by now I enjoy reading news of 70 years ago. I thought this too good not to pass along. I’m not sure, nor really care who the cheerleaders were. I’m not sure if any of them read what was printed in the Caldwell Journal in “So They Tell Me”. “The visiting cheerleaders (Woodsfield) probably shocked some of our more staid fans. Wearing full flared skirt, they delighted in showing their “tights”.” I’m not sure but I guess maybe they were ahead of their time. Probably would have scared me had I been to the game.

One of the enjoyable things about the state tournament is seeing friends you haven’t seen since last year. It did seem as though the crowds were not as large as in years past. Only two or three games had over 11 thousand attend. Past years have had more than that. One school at one of the early games must have loaded up their school bus and brought all of their students to the game. Very interesting when the game was over and headed for the buses.

A very interesting thing happened this year that made me feel good and proved I don’t care where you go you can’t seem to get away from Monroe County.

As you may know ushers are at every entry to the seating area. Their main duty, I think, is to help folks find the correct seat. They are all friendly and interesting to visit with. If you happen to have the same seat for all the games you get to know them. If you happen to be in the same section the next year the usher could be the same person. Yes, they can take care of things when a fan might slip into a wrong seat.

I guess there is a rather long waiting list for getting the job. I’m not sure if they get paid or not but I did have one tell me they received six dollars an hour. This was a long time ago so I don’t know or really care.

I always thought I would really enjoy having the job as an usher. It would have a need for me to live in or near Columbus. That would do it. No way would I want to live in Columbus. Four years attending OSU was plenty for me.

The third championship game got a bit out of hand for one of the teams as they were getting far behind and was very boring. We normally leave for home after this game but we decided things were not going to change so we started to go to the car and head for home.

As we were walking down the hall way toward the doors I thought I heard my name being called. I turned and there was one of the ushers. I thought,  “What did I do wrong now? We just stopped at the men’s room. Did I leave the lid up or something?” then again there was no lid to leave up.

Well, he had a big smile and we shook hands. He said, “You do not know me, but I know you. He was right. Again I wondered what I had done to deserve this. As it turned out he had lived in our area and was a Beacon subscriber. He told me one of the reasons he subscribed was “Around the Burnside.” He really made me feel good to know he enjoyed reading my little blurb every week. He said the reason he took the Beacon was to read Around the Burnside and to find out who had passed away. I suspect he also checked out who got caught doing what every week, plus some of the other things in the paper. I guess he recognized me from the picture and had hoped to meet me at the tournament. We had a nice little visit and we came on home and watched the fourth game on TV. This could only  happen at a basketball tournament.

Dumb questions are easier to handle than dumb mistakes.

Get ready, Easter will soon be here.

Our Readers Write

Dear Editor,

On the night of March 12 whoever stole the road closed sign from SR 78 and Ferry Street in Clarington, which belonged to the CVFD, I hope you sleep well at night. Those signs and barrels were for the safety of the people.

Just so you know we had three persons run into the water due to the theft of the sign. You can be assured someone saw you. 

Our fire departments works hard to buy equipment for public safety and for a low life to steal from a volunteer department is sad. 

The cost of that sign was a great expense. We are a volunteer fire department and have to work for anything we get. Do you support our bingo, which supports us? I doubt it. We have our eyes and ears open and possibly our sign will be returned.

If it should appear on our ramp, even if you are seen, we will not file charges. If not, maybe you should consider paying for the fire training and keep yearly continuing ed and work at bingo, which is just the tip of the iceberg.

Try being on call 24/7, leaving our families, missing work to volunteer, missing dinner and losing sleep. I understand sign stealing is a big conquest, but we are not amused and we have reported this to the Sheriff. Consider how much your home owners insurance would rise if your town had no fire department. Things like this make volunteers want to hang it up. But we won’t because we sacrifice for the good, honest, persons we serve and are proud to do so. And to you wonderful citizens we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Clarington VFD
Cindi Hunt, Asst. Chief.


The Monroe County Historical Society’s booth provided information on upcoming events including the the July 11 and 12 Civil War event, which promises to be bigger and better as it celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. Watch for more information. Shown, from left, are Joyce Wiggins, Helen Yoho and Kyle Yoho.      
 Photos by Martha Ackerman


The Gas Cards for Cancer Patients program was one of the featured organizations at the 2011 Know Show. Sandy Barnes was available Sunday to acquaint people with the program. According to Shirley Brown, one of the organizers, 14 local cancer patients are currently being helped by the program, which provides gas cards to cancer patients traveling for treatment.  

Annual Know Show Features Businesses and Organizations 

The 20th anniversary of the Know Show was held this past weekend at the Black Walnut Center and even with the bad weather there was an outstanding turnout both Saturday and Sunday.

“We were thrilled with the crowd at this year’s show,” said Know Show organizer Jo Eddy, of New Vision Video, “especially Saturday when inclement weather didn’t seem to affect attendance at all! We credit the continued success of the show to our exhibitors, who do a tremendous amount of hard work to set up their booths, man them for two full days and then tear down, only to get up and go to work bright and early Monday morning!”

The K. Lynn Studio dancers were wonderful and performed to a packed crowd!  The Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday, sponsored by Kiwanis Club of Woodsfield as its One Day Kiwanis Project, Pamida and Monroe County Chamber of Commerce, was packed with happy faces of children hunting for eggs and all receiving a bag of goodies!

Congratulations to the door prize winners. (these items can be picked up at the business location).  “We apologize if we misspelled any names but sometimes it is hard to read the correct spelling,” said Ruth Workman, Chamber secretary.  

Winners of door prizes were:  Gary Holland, Patricia Copeland, Stephen Jones, The Young Family, Joyce McConnell, Erica Shepherd, Tiny Nuptune, Brooke Jones, Linda Barnhart, and Bonnie Knowlton from Monroe County Farm Bureau; 

Hollis Kemp, Lance Powell and Pauline Williams from Belmont Dodge Chrysler Jeep, Inc.; Sheila Walkley, Missy Morris, Charlotte Cline, Kim Nalley, Hollie Tisher, Marie Enherst, Shirley Baker, Hollis Kemp, Karen Huffman, Brent McConnell, Emanuel Baldwin and Connie Kuhn from Monroe Tire Center;

Glenda Thomas, Jason Nalley, Sheila Ferguson and Randy Tucker from Rada Cutlery; Robert Stephen, Betty Mercer, Sarannah Gibson, Roger Starr, Alexia Thomas, Brianna Gauding, Ray Dalrymple and Lillian Miller from Laings Church of Christ; Margaret Daugherty, Harley Nalley, Ruby Heft, Dave Paul, Charles Piatt, Glenda Thomas, Hollis Kemp, Ruth Ridgeway, Dave Paulus, Patsy Yarnall,  Joyce McConnell, Belva Blackstone and Rose Saffle from Monroe County Histori-cal Society;

Kara Hamilton, Amy Car-penter, Barb Phillips, Jen-nifer McKnight and Jessica Ames from Mary Kay Cosmetics; Delphia Kindleberger, Erma Fergeson, Linda Baker, Elaine Randall, Marvin Perkins and Patsy Yarnall from Team Monroe; Jason Nalley, Ethel Morris, Lacy Baker and Kathleen Miller from Monroe County Dept of Job & Family Services; 

Dale Riggenbach, Ryan Cline, Renea Briggs, Dakota, Martha Kress, Bob Aten, William Thomas and Rose-mary Lieberth from Ries-becks; Myrna Starr and Jane Robbins from Healthy Wonders; Dean Grover from Olive Tree Inn; Dottie Frank, James Mann from Monroe County Democratic Party;

Margie Yoss and Kim Nalley from Monroe County Beacon; Lisa Brown from Body By VI. Bill Montgomery won the split the pot from the Monroe County Chamber; Jennifer Parden from Body by VI. Margie Yoss from Tupperware.

Erica Sheperd from Thompson Video Productions; Harley Nalley and Glenda Thomas from Monroe County Republican Party; Juanita Rose from Weight Watchers;

Mary Bolon from Woodsfield Savings; Jason Nalley from Area Agency on Aging; Linda Smithberger from Citizens National Bank; Karen Wheeler from Randall L. Gallagher Memorials; Char-lotte Male from Emerald Pointe of Barnesville; Nada Keylor from Lou’s Whole Sale; Lester Barker, Karen Balogh, Diane Cooper, Jaya Russell from K. Lynn Dance Studio; Jayne Robbins and  Ryan Cline from True Value;

The following door prizes can be picked up at the Chamber office:  Carol Ollom, Missy Morris, Judy Betts, Ray Dalrymple, Jayne Circosta and Karen Balogh from Cancer Gas Cards Inc.; Connie Thompson,  Ethel Morris from Wetzel County Hospital; Dale D. from Good Sense Candles; Brent McConnell from Swiss Hills Arts and Crafts; Deb Lilly from Down in the Hollow; Melinda Lyden from Barnesville Hospital.

The winners of the Monroe County Country Monroe Bucks are Ryan Cline, Linda Schaefer, Barbara Coe, Bonnie Reed, Karen Knowlton, Barb Eickhorn, Rachael Hutchison, Jane Robbins, Emanuel Bald-win, Marie Ring, Breanne Tonkery and Jayne Joy. These can be picked up at the -Chamber office.

The winners of the Monroe County Country Store were:  Gail Stollar from Modern Hardware; Makayla Black-stone from Clippers Hair & Tanning Salon; Carl Davis from Grouse Ridge Farms; Karen Hughes from United County Realty Done Right; Kathy Knowlton from Ohio Valley Community Credit Union; Zoey Randall from Wesbanco; Vonnie Hranko, Kim Nalley, Barb Eichkorn, and Cindy Hayes from Ohio University; Dustin Landefeld from Ohio Valley Community Credit Union; Belva Black-stone from Monroe County Beacon; 

Karen Nguyen and Faye Dietrich from Ohio University; Amanda Potts, Carol Crooks, Linda Lude, Charlotte Cline from the Monroe County Chamber; Faye Dietrich, Sue Stewart and Karen Balogh from Lida Conn; Ruth Workman from Ohio Made Tires; Kim Nalley from Gallagher & Sons Monuments; Jayne Joy from Coplan’s Primitive Creations; Karen Nguyen from Debra Bowen of Dave Anderson Realty; Tara Brookover from Ohio Valley Community Credit Union. These items can be picked up at the Monroe County Chamber.

There were 79 booths this year and the vendors stayed very busy both days.  Great food was provided by Ed and Dee Beard, owners of Farmers Feed and Deli.  The Chamber extends its appreciation to Dale and Jo Eddy from New Vision Video for doing such a great job running the 2011 Know Show.

Riesbeck’s Food Market has been a featured business at the Know Show since its inception 20 years ago. Shown getting the booth ready for the 2011 show are Riesbeck employees, from left, Tom Dick, Susan Colvin and Kathy McIntire. An estimated 50 pounds of meats and cheeses were enjoyed by visitors during the 2011 Know Show.        Photos by Martha Ackerman


Recognizing April as National Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Month, Monroe County Job and Family Services set up an attractive booth at the April 2 and 3 Know Show. A coloring contest is being held for children 3-5, 6-8 and 9-11. Coloring pages can be picked up and dropped off at the Beacon or Monroe County Job and Family Services. Deadline is April 26. Shown, from left, are Jessica Leonard and Laura Cline.

Kennady Russell says, “I found another yellow one,” as she gathers eggs during the Easter Egg Hunt held at the Know Show April 3. Kennady is the daughter of Rick and Jaya Russell of Lewisville.

Above is Aubrey Kress, who gets a little help from her grandma, Sharon Kress. Aubrey is the daughter of Brian and Marlena Kress of Woodsfield. Approximately 125 children participated in the annual event, sponsored by the Woodsfield Kiwanis, Monroe County Chamber of Commerce and Pamida.


■  4-7 Classifieds


Harold E. Byers, 78, Wadsworth, passed away unexpectedly March 9, 2011 at University Hospital in Cleveland. He was born Oct. 7, 1932, in Graysville, a son of Alonzo and Edith Hall Byers.

A 1950 graduate of Hannibal High School, he went on to receive his Bachelor’s degree in Education and a Master’s in Business Administration from Ohio University. From 1954-58 he served as a navigator in the Air Force, reaching the rank of 1st lieutenant.

He was an active member of Wadsworth United Methodist Church; a member and past president of the Kiwanis Club and George Hixson Fellow; he volunteered for the Salvation Army and delivered Meals On Wheels. After 37 years, he retired from The Packaging Corporation of America in Rittman.

He lived a life of kindness and generosity that left a stamp on all who had the good fortune to know him. 

Surviving and deeply missed by his beloved wife, Doris Marty Byers, whom he married Sept. 6, 1953; children, Barbara (Rick) Little of Dalton, Pa., Diane Shreve and David Byers, both of Wadsworth; grandchildren, Noah and Spencer Shreve, Rachel Little; brother, Donald (Margaret) Byers of Madison; and numerous nieces and nephews.

Memorial services were held March 19 at Wadsworth United Methodist Church, with burial at Hillcrest Memorial Gardens immediately following the service. 

Memorial contributions may be made to Wadsworth United Methodist Church, 195 Broad St., Wadsworth, OH 44281 or Wadsworth FISH, P.O. Box 754, Wadsworth, OH 44281.

Online tributes may be made at:www.robertsfuneralhome.com

Connie Kahrig, 64, Wooster, died April 1, 2011 at her home following a battle with cancer. She was born March 13, 1947 in Lodi, a daughter of the late Russell Repp, Sr. and Dorothy Esenwine Repp Roche.

She married Lloyd Kahrig on Sept. 2, 1966 and he survives.

She was a 1965 graduate of Northwestern High School and retired following nearly 20 years from Prentke Romich in Wooster. She had made her home near New Pittsburgh and was an avid bowler and enjoyed crocheting and flowers.

Surviving are her husband, Lloyd Kahrig, whom she married Sept. 2, 1966; a daughter, Beverly Kahrig of Wooster; a son, Randall Kahrig of Wooster; seven brothers and sisters, Nancy (Gary) Parker of Wadsworth, Arthur (Charlotte) Repp of Cedar Creek, Neb.; Barbara Lowry of Centerburg, Russell Repp, Jr. of Shreve, David (Linda) Repp of Howard, Dorothy (Bob) Goon of Polk, Deana (Charles) Rogers of Seville and many nieces and nephews.

In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death an infant sister.

Friends were received April 5 until time of services Murray Funeral Home in Creston, with Rev. Tom Michaels officiating. Burial followed in Sherwood Memorial Gardens.

Memorial contributions may be made to Hospice of Wayne Co., 2525 Back Orrville Rd., Wooster, OH 44691.

Tributes may be shared at www.Murray-Funeral-Home.com 

Robert F. (Bob) Hoskinson, 82, St. Clairsville, died March 29, 2011 at Ohio Valley Medical Cen-ter, Wheeling, W.Va. He was born Jan. 12, 1929 in Dearborn, Michigan, a son of the late Clyde R. and Nellie M. Rufener Hoskinson.

He retired from Consol Mine; was a Korean War veteran having served in Germany; and was a Protestant by faith.

Surviving are a brother, Duane “Sonny” (Clara) Hos-kinson of Woodsfield; four sisters, Mary Jean (William) Reed of Columbus, Marlene (Daniel) Jones of Beallsville, Catherine Ault of Woodsfield, Janet Sue Wade of Clarington; and numerous nephews and nieces.

In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his wife, Marie Norris Hoskinson in 1995; and two brothers-in-law, Donald Ault and Lawrence Wade.

Friends were received April 1 at Bauer-Turner Funeral Home, Woodsfield, where funeral services were held April 2, with Paul Eddy officiating. Graveside services were held April 2 at Holly Memorial Gardens, Colerain.

Memorial contributions may be made to the American Cancer Society and or the American Heart Association.

Condolences may be expressed at: www.bauerturner.com 

Clara Mildred Jackson Peoples, 72, Seneca, S.C., formerly of Woodsfield, died March 29, 2011 at Oconee Medical Center, Seneca, S.C. She was born in Woodsfield, a daughter of the late George L. and Carroll Lenora Hoff Jackson.

She was a retired employee of the dietary department of the Oconee Medical Center.

Surviving are her son, Alan Richard Peoples of Pulaski, Va.; and a sister, Mary Polen of the home.

Friends were received April 2 at Bauer-Turner Funeral Home, Woodsfield. Graveside services were held at Neuhart Cemetery, near Woodsfield, with Rev. William Moran officiating.

Condolences may be expressed at: www.bauerturner.com

Gloria Jean Godwin, 71, Alpharetta, Ga., died April 2, 2011.

Surviving are her husband of 11 years, Gerald J. Godwin of Alpharetta; mother, Louise West of Woodsfield; a son, Dr. Brian Carpenter, DDS of Cumming, Ga.; daughter, Kayreen (Richard) Hatter of Fort Wayne, Ind.; step-daughter, Lisa (James) Sylvia of Cumming, Ga.; step-son, Wade (Lisa) Godwin of Canton, Ga.; brother, Dick West of Woodsfield; grandchildren, Justin and Drew Hatter of Fort Wayne; step-grandchildren, Aaron and Kasee Godwin of Canton, Ga.; several nieces, nephews and other relatives. 

She was preceded in death by her first husband, Richard Herbert Carpenter.

Friends were received April 5 at Ingram Funeral Home & Crematory, Cumming, Ga. Memorial services will be held April 9, at 1 p.m. at Woodsfield Presbyterian Church, Woodsfield. Burial will follow at Somerton Cemetery.

Memorial contributions may be made to Woodsfield Presbyterian Church, 110 East Church Street, Woodsfield, OH 43793 or the American Cancer Society.

Condolences may be made at: www.ingramfuneralhome.com 

Anita Lynn Stephens, 49, Woodsfield, died April 3, 2011 at Barnesville Hospital. She was born Feb. 28, 1962 in Cambridge.

Services will be held April 6, at 1 p.m. at Bauer-Turner Funeral Home, Woodsfield.

Burial at the convenience of the family.