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July 31, 2008 Edition

< ~ Preparation Work Begins for KFC and Taco Bell ~
        Preparation work on the site of the new KFC and Taco
Bell began last week. Through a partnership between local businessman Gary Rubel and T.J. Jefferis and John Jefferis, the restaurant is coming to Woodsfield
with a tentative opening in December or January. T.J. Jefferis and John Jefferis are Barnesville contractors
and owners of the Barnesville KFC. According to Jefferis, Jefferis Foods will manage the new restaurant. Shown, from left, are Mark Spragg,
structural inspector for the Ohio Department of Commerce; T.J. Jefferis and Gary Rubel as they discuss
the blueprints. T.J. Jefferis noted that the building will go up fast, but the electrical, plumbing and interior will take several months. 

Photo by Martha Ackerman


<HerSpace.gym Opens Aug. 4

Members of the Monroe County Chamber of Commerce welcomed a new business to the community as HerSpace.gym opens in Woodsfield. The bright, airy,
attractive facility features a beach theme and welcomes all those ladies who want to get in shape to visit the facility during the open house Aug. 4 and 5.
The gym is located behind the Duke and Duchess, 204 Lewisville Road. Shown, from left, are Ruth Workman
and Larry Ullman, representing the Chamber; Vicki Digity, owner; and the staff, Debi Tustin, Annie Digity, Shari Zimmer, manager Mary Shaw-Holter and Casey Digity. 
Photo by Martha Ackerman

by Martha Ackerman
Staff Writer
        HerSpace.gym celebrates its opening with an open
house Aug. 4 and 5, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 3 to 7 p.m.
both days. Owners Vicki and Mike Digity invite ladies
to stop by and check them out, sign up for door prizes
and meet the friendly staff.
        The facility is light and airy, decorated in warm
shades of blues and greens, reflective of the ocean.
HerSpace.gym is a “ladies only” exercise facility, but
it’s more than a place to get in shape. It offers a
social area where ladies can sit and relax, bring
their lunch and visit after their workouts. It’s a
welcoming atmosphere with the white walls decorated
with sand and sea grasses, palms and other greenery,
and seascape borders.
        Vicki and Mike Digity have worked hard to provide
this relaxing atmosphere. They wanted to establish a
family-oriented business. “Curves laid the ground
work,” said Vicki. “We saw the interest that was
generated and the need in the community.” That’s why
they selected this type of business. It also allows
their daughters to be involved. “Casey and Annie can
work here as they go through college,” added Vicki.
        Vicki’s sister Mary Shaw-Holter is the manager. Also
on staff are Shari Zimmer and Debi Tustin.
        Vicki has done her research to find equipment which
is user friendly. The FitExpress hydraulic resistance
circuit provides a full cardio and resistance workout
in 30 minutes. The equipment sits lower and is easily
accessed, making it more senior friendly for low joint
impact.         Vicki selected machines that can be adjusted
for resistance. “As you build your stamina, you can
step up resistance,” she said.
        The oval circuit will feature a chest press, inner &
outer thigh and ab and back machines.
        Coming soon will be indoor walking, low impact
elliptical walkers. There are plans for additional
equipment in the future.
        The beach theme is carried outside with the cedar
shakes, fencing and the plantings to inside. The
reception area leads to the lounge where patrons can
bring their lunches or snacks and visit with friends
after their workouts.
        The “beach boutique,” located in the lounge area,
allows members who own businesses or who are involved
in fundraisers to advertise their wares or causes.
According to Vicki, ladies may sign up for week time
slots when they can display their merchandise,
brochures and business cards. This is a free service
offered by HerSpace.gym.
        On Aug. 4 and 5 ladies can register for membership.
There is a low joining fee and monthly fees with a
variety of payment options. Training sessions will be
held on Aug. 6 by appointment.
        Thursday, Aug. 7  the gym will open for regular
business hours which are Monday - Thursday, 8 a.m. to
1 p.m. and 3 to 7 p.m.; Friday, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 3
- 6 p.m.; and Saturday, 9 a.m. til noon.
        For more information, call 740-472-5756.

<Scott Named to EODA Board

Tom Scott, who has served Monroe County as economic/
workforce developer since Jan. 8, has been appointed
to the Eastern Ohio Development Alliance (EODA) Board
of Directors.
        The appointment was made at EODA’s July 22 meeting
conducted at the Atwood Lake Conference Center.
        “We are honored and thrilled to have the  opportunity
to serve as a board member of the EODA,” said Scott.
“The alliance has a well-earned reputation in Columbus
as well as Washington, D.C., as a ‘get done’
organization,” he added. “Monroe County can benefit
greatly from the alliance’s proven record of
accomplishing many great things within the areas of
economic development.”
        Scott’s appointment follows a 40 year career within
Human Resources and as a charter member of the
Coshocton City/ County Port Authority Board of
        “I look forward to continuing our efforts in working
on behalf of Monroe County in our service with EODA.
The alliance continues to adjust to the  unexpected,
untimely and heartbreaking death of its previous
Executive Director, Don Myers. While Don’s loss has
taken a toll on everyone associated with EODA, we are
convinced the alliance’s mission will be prioritized
and EODA will continue to be a vehicle of positive
change and accomplishments within area economic
development efforts,” Scott  further noted.
        The EODA membership is comprised of area civic and
business leaders, together with elected officials,
with offices located in Cambridge. The alliance’s
service area encompasses 16 counties within Eastern

<New Medevac Service Available

Local EMS and fire personnel were invited to Woodsfield Volunteer Fire Department to hear about the
new medevac service available in the area.
Representatives from Air EVAC LIFETEAM were on hand to
give a 30-minute powerpoint presentation July 24.
Attending the meeting, organized by Mike Young, Woodsfield Fire Chief, were, from left: Roger Langsdorf and Dave Yonley, Antioch EMS; Carl Merckle, Monroe County EMS coordinator; Matt Handley and Chuck Ammon, Air EVAC LIFETEAM representatives; and Rick
Schuerman, local EMA coordinator.

by Martha Ackerman
Staff Writer
        Organized by Woodsfield Fire Chief Mike Young, a
meeting was held July 24 to acquaint area EMS and fire
personnel with the new medevac helicopter service
available in the area. Matt Handley, program director
for Air EVAC LIFETEAM, and Chuck Ammon, program
director for the East Liverpool area, presented a
30-minute powerpoint presentation.
        “I wanted the local emergency personnel to know what
is available when the need arises,” said Young.
        Air EVAC LIFETEAM is based at Wheeling’s Ohio Coun-ty
Airport and is staffed with a pilot, nurse and
paramedic 24 hours a day, seven days a week. According
to Handley, estimated time of arrival after being
called to a scene is 19 to 20 minutes. The helicopter
is equipped with a computer aided system that gives
the location of the nearest level one trauma center.
        “We feel local EMS and fire personnel will benefit
from our rapid transport,” said Handley. After a call
comes in, coordinates are set up, the staff interacts
with EMS at the scene and then take over care of the
patient for transport to the nearest trauma center.
        Air EVAC LIFETEAM has 82 bases across 15 states with
the Wheeling base the first one in West Virginia, but
they will be expanding to Parkersburg in the near
        “Our mission is safety first and patient care,” added
Handley. “We’re excited to be close to Monroe County.”
        “This is an additional resource to our county,” said
Rick Schuerman, Emergency Man-agement Agency director.
“We are pleased and appreciate the opportunity for
them to do this training session for us.”

<Woodsfield Council Okays Orchard Lane as Street
Woodsfield Village Council took action at its July 21
meeting  to make Orchard Lane a public street.
        Prior to the 4-2 vote, a public hearing was held with
both sides of the issue discussed. Residents of the
Orchard Lane area have appeared at previous meetings
asking that the village maintain the road.
        Attorney Richard Yoss, speaking on behalf of those
who wanted Orchard Lane to be a dedicated street,
presented information, dating from 1859, when it was
listed as a public road.
        He also reported the Caldwell atlas listed it as a
public street between 1880 -98.
        The map in the council chambers shows a public road
or village street in that area, and it w as noted that
no information can be found that it has ever been
        At a prior meeting, Councilman Bill Moore said he
recalled using the road as a child, noting it was
brick paved. Since it was bricked, Moore said he felt
it had been a public road. Others, he said, used the
road as well.
        Katherine Haselberger, who owns property in that
area, presented information from deeds and other
sources showing it as a private drive. She asked that
the petition be denied.
        Attorney Charles Bean, representing Haselberger, said
the  Caldwell atlas was not an official record and
there was never a record of its being a dedicated
        “It has never been vacated; it is a public road,”
said Yoss.
        A motion by Councilman Moore to recognize Orchard
Lane as a public street was seconded by Councilwoman
Carol Hehr. Voting in favor of the motion were Pauline
Delbrugge, Paul Byers, Moore and Hehr. Casting the
negative votes were Councilmen Vernon Henthorn and
Dale English.
        After the vote was taken, Moore said council is the
legislative body to provide “happy living within the
village.” He went on to  mention happy living for
safety, health and fire reasons.
        It was pointed out that several households are
located on the road.
        English said he voted against the motion because it
had not been proven to him that it was a street.
        In his report about the new cable system, Village
Adminis-trator Jeff Woodell said Woods-field Municipal
Cable has added five new customers and so far, there
have been no problems or complaints. He also
introduced Sam McPeek, superintendent of the cable
        In other matters, Woodell reported the water level
for the village is in very good condition and “better
than ever.”
        At the village administrator’s request, council went
into executive session near the end of the meeting
with personnel in regard to compensation and land
acquisition to be  discussed.
        After the session, council approved pay hikes for
three women employees in the utility office because of
additional duties as a result of the acquisition of
SuddenLink Cable system.
        Council approved a motion to accept the quotation of
Stephen Continuous Gutter Service for work at the
municipal building at a cost of $1,870.
        Also, during the meeting, council scheduled a public
hearing for Sept. 2 at 6:30 p.m.  concerning a
petition to rezone 324 South Main St. from “A” to “B”
for a duplex rental.

< Obituaries

        Frederick H. Boston, 76, Hannibal, died July 25,
2008, in Ruby Memorial Hospital, Morgan-town, W.Va. He
was born Aug. 12, 1931 in New Martinsville, a son of
the late Neville Victor and Edna Opal Wilt Boston.
Sympathy expressions at grisellfuneralhomes.com.

        James E. Sims, 90, Woods-field, formerly of
Shadyside, died July 21, at East Ohio Regional
Hospital, Martins Ferry. He was born June 3, 1918 in
Shadyside, a son of the late George Ruble and Bertha
Burkhart Ruble.

<Our Readers Write:

Dear Neighbors,
        I have follow-up information on a Letter to the
Editor I previously submitted about my dissatisfaction
with the response received from Congressman Charlie
Wilson in a matter I had written him about.
        On July 21, I received a phone call from Kathy, who
works in Congressman Wilson’s Bridgeport office. Kathy
is a very pleasant person and apologized for the delay
getting back to me which she says was due to vacation
schedules. She says, too, that the original mix-up in
which I had received what I assumed to be a
computer-automated response from the Congressman’s
office was not computer-automated; rather it was
handled by inexperienced interns.
        Kathy says the House Bill I had asked Congressman
Wilson to co-sponsor has not yet gone through
committee to the point where the Congressman has had a
chance to look at it, although she has made sure
Congressman Wilson is aware of my correspondence to
        Kathy called to my attention “Thomas”, the website
maintained by the Library of Congress, where citizens
can track progress on specific bills. Here is the URL
for that:
        I am not shy to complain when I think citizens are
being shortchanged by our elected officials, nor am I
hesitant to give credit where it id due. For that
reason, I am happy to share this update of the above
recounted developments.
For Liberty, Deb K. Ault Jones

<Around the Burnside

Trust in your money and down you go, but the Godly
flourish like leaves in the spring.
        Those who bring trouble on their families inherit
only the wind. The fool will be a servant to the wise.
        “Dog days!” I never knew why dog days meant anything
but it seemed like there was a number of things you
were not supposed to do during dog days. Something
about the moon I think. I don’t remember doing
anything different. The old cows had to be milked, hay
cut and pitched into the barn. The grass in the lawn
kept growing. You had to push that old reel type mower
that cut maybe 12 to 18 inches at a time. You had to
make a lot of rounds and by the time you finished, the
grass had started to grow again. You didn’t complain
because that’s all you had to mow the lawn. When Mom
or Dad said “mow” you started for the mower. A lot
different now  a days. I ride and the grass keeps
        Seems like we hear over and over on TV and newspaper
about how bad our economy is getting and workers being
laid off. This is bad; however, I can’t see it’s the
fault of one man as many keep saying. Yes,
unemployment is bad. I wonder; Edward Langley, an
artist said, “What this country needs is more
unemployed politicians.” Is he correct?
        Every so often you have something happen that makes
you feel good all over. I expect something bad will
happen if I share this but I’m going to anyway.
        The other morning we got into our car and I turned
the key to start up. The dash lights came on and one
click. I tried it again and no lights, no click. I
tried a couple of more times, same thing happened. I
began to think something is wrong. Is it the battery,
starter, generator or what?
        Well, having been a member of AAA for 15 years or
more and only using it a couple of times, I called
Burke’s Towing thinking he could tow me to STS and
Sales if need be. I called them to be ready for me.
        When the tow truck arrived he got out the battery hot
box to try to start our car. We made connections and
the Malibu started right up. We ran the engine a very
short time; “try it again.” It started again.
        I was getting ready to drive it in to STS and Sales
when Burke discovered the battery cable was loose. He
tightened it with a handy dandy wrench and the old
Malibu has been starting ever since. Maybe I should
knock on wood. It was a happy phone call to tell them
I wouldn’t be bringing my car in, at least today
        One hundred arrested for teenage drinking at the
Jamboree in the Hills. I wonder how many were not
caught? I understand a young man who is playing in the
Ohio-W.Va. All Star Football Game on Sunday was picked
        I have never attended JITH and I can’t see my
attending in the future. I do enjoy it from my easy
chair and I usually tape it for my daughter-in-law who
cannot get WTOV-9 on her TV. You can actually watch
everything being televised as there are enough
commercials, you have seen dozens of times, to slip
out to the bathroom and sneak a bite of something to
        There is one thing that really gripes me. I’ve
mentioned it before and it’s the singing of our
National Anthem. Not just of the Jamboree but nearly
every event that opens with someone singing.
        I normally get kind of a lump in my throat each time
I hear the National Anthem. When the singer gets near
the end and starts screaming or screeching, it leaves.
To me it is disrespectful to our National Anthem. Then
again maybe we’re becoming a disrespectful people. If
you don’t believe this, take a ride down any road and
see all the trash. It didn’t fall from the sky; car
windows for the most part. Our MACO crew has worked
several days helping to clean up the trash from the
Jamboree grounds.
        Hippopotamus, remember how you spelled it when you
were young? Hip sat on a pot and amus… I like the kind
of stories I’ve been using; this one is from Nigeria.
        Hippopotamus was a great rich king. The reason for
his wealth was that although he invited his fellow
creatures once a year to a huge feast, he proclaimed
that since no one knew his name they were not worthy
of sitting at his table. Only his wives knew his name
and since they shared in his wealth, they chuckled
year after year as all failed to guess correctly.
Tortoise was determined to find out the king’s name so
he hid in the pond where the king and his wives
bathed. There he overheard one of his wives call the
king’s name when she hurt her foot. The next day was
the feast and when Tortoise called the king by his
name, the embarrassed Hippopotamus and his wives
charged into the water. And that’s where they stay as
much as possible to this very day.
        I suppose you heard the news this evening about the
danger of cell phones. They suggest there is danger
from over use and youth should not use them at all. I
wonder what happened to the one you wear on your ear
all the time? I guess I’m safe. I don’t even know why
we have a cell phone.
        I almost forgot. While I was watching the jamboree,
there were several times my hearing aids developed a
short circuit or something because I could not
understand or make out one word they were singing.
        Church Sunday? Or is it too hot in summer or too cold
in winter?
        Bible readings: (Mon.) Isaiah 43:1-7; From Matthew
(Tues.) 16:13-16; (Wed.) 16:17-20; (Thurs.) 16:21-23;
(Fri.) 17:1-4; (Sat.) 17:5-8; (Sun.) 17:9-13.