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Sept. 24, 2009

Grant Approved for Voith Hydro Near Hannibal

State Sen. Jimmy Stewart reports the state controlling board has approved the release of a $100,000 Rapid Outreach Grant through the Ohio Dept. of Development to support a major expansion of Voith Hydro, Inc. at the former Ormet Rolling Mill, Hannibal. 

Voith Hydro is a leading provider of hydropower technology, equipment and services. They have installed more than 40,000 turbines and generators worldwide with the capacity to produce more than 300,000 megawatts of hydro-electricity—one-third of the world’s total installed hydro capacity.

  With the help of state grant dollars, Voith Hydro plans to lease and renovate a 32,000 square-foot facility on State Route 7 in Ohio Township to manufacture, assemble and test generator stators for four new projects on the Ohio River.  As a result of the project, the company will create 40 new, full-time jobs.

“Voith Hydro is a leader in the effort to develop and expand the use of clean, renewable energy sources across the world,” explained Stewart. “The company’s presence in Monroe County will not only provide a tremendous boost to our region’s economy, but will help strengthen Southeast Ohio’s reputation as a potential hub for advanced energy production and development.”

In July, the Ohio Tax Credit Authority approved a 60 percent, seven-year Ohio Job Creation Tax Credit in support of Voith Hydro’s expansion. In addition, the Department of Development has committed a $500,000 Industrial Site Improvement Fund grant, $500,000 Advanced Energy Fund grant, $200,000 Appala-chian Regional Commission Grant, and a $100,000 Work-force Guarantee Grant to help secure the project.

Our Readers Write 

We appreciate all the caring people who have stopped in or talked to Tony and me about the recent vandalism at Kountry Kar Kare. Your show of genuine concern for us really means a lot.

It is such a testament to what a great community we live in. A countless number of people have stopped to tell us they would be watching our lot as they drive by and trying to help us avoid any future vandalism.

Unfortunately, the incident has been expensive. We are installing surveillance cameras and are having more lot lights installed. We are also offering a reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

Our community will not let people vandalize our businesses and homes. Together, as a caring community, we will eliminate the criminals responsible for these acts of vandalism in our community.

Susie Yonak


New Wing Opens at Westwood

Members of the Monroe County Chamber of Commerce were on hand as Westwood Landing Assisted Living held a ribbon cutting Sept. 17 for its new wing, which is now open. Shown, from left, are, front: Luci Pierce, marketing director for Westwood Landing; Melissa Smithberger, chamber member; Mary Bolon, Westwood employee; Violet Miller, resident ambassador; Scott Dierkes, residence director; Ruth Workman, chamber secretary; Karen Craig, Interim Healthcare; Melissa Truax, LPN; back: Kiven Smithberger, chamber member; Dean Potts; Tim Price and Carl Davis, Monroe County Commissioners; and Don Thompson, chamber member. Photos by M. Ackerman  

A ribbon cutting was held Sept. 17 at Westwood Landing Assisted Living marking the opening of the new wing. An open house was also held Sept. 19 in conjunction with the Health Fair, held by the Monroe County Health Department.

Westwood Landing residents Dama Burkhart, left, and Vi Miller chat in Burkhart's apartment located in the new wing.

“No one wants to leave their home, but this is a very nice alternative,” said Violet Miller, Westwood Landing resident ambassador. “You meet people and their families and they become your extended family.”

Westwood Landing, located on Airport Road in Woodsfield, promotes independence and individuality, while providing seniors with extra assistance in their daily routines.

“Residents enjoy the freedom and advantages of living independently in an environment surrounded by friends and a caring staff,” said Luci Pierce, marketing director.

The new wing offers 25 new suites. Specific features in the suites include a private bathroom with walk-in shower, wall-to-wall carpeting, closets, individually controlled heating and air conditioning and an emergency call system. Meals are served restaurant style in an attractive dining room. There is also a homey, comfortable country kitchen where residents can enjoy tea or coffee or, if they wish, whip up a batch of cookies or make a loaf of bread.

Beauty and barber services are available on site. Exercise equipment is also available.

For more information on Westwood Landing, call Scott Dierkes, Director, or Pierce at 740-472-2200.

Bids Awarded for Site Work at Beallsville, Woodsfield 

Bids for early site work for Monroe Central, Woodsfield Elementary and Beallsville K-12 schools were awarded at the Sept. 17 meeting of the Switzerland of Ohio board of education, which also approved the placement of Masonic cornerstones at each of the new schools and the renovated River High School .

Four bids were received for early site work. On the recommendation of the project manager and architect, who reviewed the bids, the contract was awarded to the R.F. Scurlock Co. of Trinway, Ohio, for a total of $1,326,017.  Of the $1.326.017, work at the Monroe Central High School and Woodsfield Elementary is $816,923 and work at Beallsville K-12 was bid at $509,094. According to the project engineer, the bid came in $319,000 under estimate.

Contract awards are subject to the approval of the Ohio School Facilities Commission.

Jeff Gallaher, district deputy grand master of the 18th Masonic District, Free and Accepted Masons, attended the meeting on behalf of the Masonic Lodges of Monroe County and Moriah Lodge 105 of Powhatan Point, located within the Switzerland of Ohio School District. Gallaher talked to the board about placement of Masonic cornerstones and time capsules at each new school and the renovated River High School . In addition, he said the lodges wish to recover any cornerstones and time capsules which may be at the buildings slated to be razed. He noted there are Masonic cornerstones at a number of the schools including Beallsville High School. He said the Masonic Lodge located nearest the individual school would be responsible for the cost of the stones and time capsules to be placed at the building.

The board indicated approval of the request and  Read more in the Monroe County Beacon


Around the Burnside

It’s called a dream house because it costs more than you ever dreamed.

I don’t know why but September has been one of the busiest months this year. I guess I’ve had plenty of time to loaf also. I can’t wait until winter comes and I can sit around, watch TV and complain about the cold weather. Who am I kidding?

Just a note about last week. I didn’t give a car an insulin shot; it was Charlie the cat. Oh, before I forget it. Do not forget the Soakem Festival on the Noble County fairground is coming up on the 26th and 27th. If you haven’t attended you should and if you have you’ll want to go back. I’m not sure, due to circumstances, if you will be able to observe a whiskey still in operation or not. Tasting a drop on your finger is plenty. If you really want to make it a big weekend you could also take in the Pumpkin Festival in Barnesville the same weekend. Call it your last fling of summer or your first fling in the fall, whichever one turns you on. I can only handle the Soakem Festival. I really enjoy the food cooked the old fashioned way.

Just about the time our church bell was to ring to begin our church service last Sunday, what comes down the road but a wagon train of covered wagons. We held off ringing the bell and some of us stood outside and waved  greeting them; others looked out the windows. We invited them to stop and worship with us but they traveled on to their preplanned destination. Kinda neat.

One thing that interested me was a couple of the wagons were being pulled by a team of mules. I think maybe a span of mules might be more correct. Remember 20 mule team Borax or was it Boroxo?

At any rate every time I see a mule it brings back memories. No comments please. It brings back experiences of our team made up of a retired race horse, Tony, and a small mule, Tom. I think I told you once Tom was my ATV when I was growing up. I really wanted a pony but it didn’t arrive until I went into the service.

Later while I was still home we ended up with a nice pair, team or span, whatever you call them, of mules. One of which was a female.

As you probably know mules are hybrids. As such their chances of reproduction is between slim and none. Outside of being a bit difficult to catch in the field they were a good team to work. They knew you were going to work them. Tricking them with something to eat fooled them most of the time.

One day we found one of our calves that was only born a few days before dead in the field. We couldn’t figure out why because it appeared OK earlier.

Sometime later I was in the pasture field and saw the female mule chasing after a calf only a few days old. It didn’t take a rocket expert to determine what the mule had in mind. I chased off the female mule and took cow and calf to the barn. Needless to say we took better care of our newborn calves after that. We had no way of knowing why this mule acted this way, as she was easy to handle even if she was a female.

Swine flu! Turn on your TV or look around and you see or hear something about swine flu. I understand some have quit eating pork chops because of it. I understand the shots to prevent will be available in the near future. I’ve already had the old shot and plan to get the H1N1 when it becomes available.. Not many reasons for not getting the shots.

We also  had swine at home. We called them pigs or hogs. I guess it was pigs when young and hogs when older. Have you ever wondered why they are called pigs and hogs? If you’ve ever carried slop or feed to swine, you know why.

One little swine story of several I remember we probably caused by not putting the right things in our hog slop.

We seemed to be missing chicken now and then.. We only carried a few chickens and it’s easy to miss them when one or more is gone.

You are not going to believe this; they kept missing, kind of like our FFA Chapter. We didn’t know if it was Mr. Fox, not his real name, was carrying off our chickens.

One afternoon I was walking by the hog pen and I heard something. On closer inspection I discovered old Mr. Hog having a chicken dinner, feathers and all. I’ll never know how a hog could corner a chicken. Almost as bad as the cow jumping over the moon.

I hope you didn’t think I am relating one of my tall tales this week as they are really true, as I remember.

Well, fall is here and winter will be along before you know it. I can hardly wait. Actually I do enjoy the fall of the year. Maybe I’ll share a few reasons why next week. If I don’t forget.

If you can’t remember the good old days, you’re too young.

Remember Church Sunday? There’s plenty of room.


~ Beallsville High Homecoming Candidates and Attendants ~


The Beallsville outdoor classroom provides the setting for this year’s homecoming court. Festivities will be held Friday, Sept. 25, beginning with a parade at 6:30 p.m. The coronation is set for 7 p.m. The young lady who selects the blue rose will be crowned Beallsville’s 2009 Homecoming Queen. The Beallsville vs. Frontier football game will start at 7:30 p.m. Queen candidates and attendants are, from left, standing, sophomore attendant: Carrie Simmons, daughter of Richie and Connie Simmons; queen candidates: Tori Jarrett, daughter of Terry and Tara Jarrett; Morgan Roberts, daughter of Mike and Beth Roberts; Mandy Reed, daughter of Bill and Bonnie Reed; Emily Mercer, daughter of Greg and Annette Mercer; seated, queen candidate, Jamie Spence, daughter of Vicki Spence and Brian Spence; freshman attendant Ali Campbell, daughter of Ray and Kris Campbell; and junior attendant, Lacey Lucas, daughter of Shannon Lucas and Diane Trigg.

Photo Courtesy of Paul Krajnyak, PSK Innovations

~ Monroe Central Homecoming Candidates and Attendants ~


A bonfire, set for Thursday, Sept. 24 at 8 p.m., will kick off Monroe Central homecoming festivities.  The band, cheerleaders, homecoming court, Monroe Central student council members and fans will walk to Monroe Memorial Park where the king candidates will be introduced and the 2009 King will be crowned. The Homecoming Parade will begin at 6 p.m. Friday, Sept. 25. Monroe Central’s 2009 Homecoming Queen will be crowned at halftime of the Monroe Central vs. Ft. Frye football game. Shown are, from left, seated: freshman attendant Anne LaFollette, daughter of Rodney and Sally LaFollette of Woodsfield; sophomore attendant Kelsey Parks, daughter of Dana and Kaye Parks of Marr; junior attendant Elizabeth Schuerman, daughter of Rick and Teresa Schuerman of Woodsfield; second row: queen candidates: Brittany Brannon, daughter of Doug Brannon of Woodsfield; Maggie Cox, daughter of Bob and Allyson Cox of Woodsfield; Ashton Bondy, daughter of Rusty and Susan Bondy of Woodsfield; Katie Parks, daughter of Dana and Kaye Parks of Marr; Taylor Hanson, daughter of Mike and Allison Hanson of Woodsfield; Kayla Ruble, daughter of Lisa Ruble of Woodsfield; back, king candidates: Josh Duffy, son of Kevin Duffy and Jacey Duffy, both of Woodsfield; Adam Masters, son of Mark and Linda Masters of Woodsfield; Derek-London Dierkes, son of Scott and Misty Dierkes of Woodsfield; Christian Bettinger, son of Brad and Beth Bettinger of Caldwell; Jesse Headley, son of Jim and Wendy Headley of Woodsfield; and Hogan Hamilton, son of Dave and Sharon Hamilton of Woodsfield.  Last year’s royalty, Justine LaFollette, who attends Wheeling Jesuit, and Derek Betts, who attends The Ohio State Unviersity, will crown the 2009 queen and king.          
Photo by Martha Ackerman


Gertrude B. “Gertie” Passwaters,
91, of Zanesville, died Sept. 15, 2009 at Genesis Good Samaritan Hospital Critical Care. She was born Sept. 10, 1918 in Monroe County, the daughter of the late Martha Burr and Cecil Carpenter.

She retired from Grief Brothers after 30 years as a corrugator operator. She was a member of Euclid Ave. United Methodist Church, United Methodist Women, past president of the Sidwell Circle, was a wonderful volunteer worker for the church, enjoyed crocheting and supported many charities. She worked during WWII in San Bernadino, Calif. in support of the war effort.

Surviving are two daughters, Linda (John) Crum of Parkersburg, Carol (Carl) Hayes of Quaker City; a son, Gary (Frances) Passwaters of Zanesville; a step-son John “Jack” Passwaters of Spring Hill, Fla.; seven grandchildren, Susan (Randy) Chute, David Crum, Crystal Crum, Stephanie Crum, David (Lee) Hayes, Tammy (Craig) Reynolds, Misty (Keith McGlade; 11 great-grandchildren; step-grandchildren, John, Eric and Robert Passwaters; several step-great-grandchildren; nephew, Ernie Haga, Jr. and many other nieces, nephews and cousins.

In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband, John Passwaters, who died June 14, 1976; a sister, Isabelle Haga; grandson, Stephen Crum; and several aunts, uncles and cousins.

Friends were received Sept. 18 at Bryan & Snider Funeral Home, Zanesville, where funeral services were held Sept. 19, with Pastor Clarence Dinnen officiating. Burial was in Memorial Park Cemetery.

Memorial contributions may be made to Euclid Ave. United Methodist Church, 1304 Euclid Ave., Zanesville, OH 43701 or American Cancer Society, Central Region-LCKG, 870 Michigan Ave., Columbus, OH 43215.

Condolences may be expressed at www.BryanSniderFuneralHome.com.

David Allen Lee Groves, 39, Graysville, died Sept. 16, 2009 at his home. He was born in Marietta, Sept. 14, 1970, a son of Howard E. and A. Darlene Edgington Groves of Woodsfield.

He was a self-employed mechanic and a loving husband and devoted father.

Surviving, in addition to his parents, are his wife, Elizabeth “Betsy” Bonsall Groves of Graysville; three children, Michael Groves of Woodsfield and Brandon Lee and Cortney Elizabeth Groves of the home; a brother, Howard V. (Jamie Winland) Groves of Woodsfield; niece, Brittani Groves; nephew, Zackri Groves; father and mother-in-law, Wallace and Carol Bonsall of Woodsfield.

Friends were received Sept. 18 at Bauer-Turner Funeral Home, Woodsfield, where services were held Sept. 19, with Minister Brent Roth officiating. Burial was in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery near Graysville.

Online condolences may be expressed at www.bauerturner.com.


Irvin W. Young, 87, of Canton, died Sept. 17, 2009 unexpectedly. He was born May 19, 1922 in Lewisville, the son of the late William and Julia Young.

He was a WW II veteran of the U.S. Air Force. He retired from Union Metal after 26 years. He was a hard worker and was considered a general contractor. He was a member of the F & A.M. William McKinley Lodge #431.

Surviving are three sons, Ralph (Connie) Young of Lewisville, Rodney Young of Twinsburg, Charles (Jetta) Orr of Tuscarawas; a daughter, Sandra (Harvey) Gooch of Canton; nine grandchildren; 15 great-grandchildren and several nieces and nephews.

In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his wife, Deliliah; five sisters, Audrae Harrington, Leora Weber, Mabel Steele, Wilene Jackson and Edith Young.

Friends were received Sept. 20 at Reed Funeral Home Canton Chapel. Graveside services were held Sept. 21 in Sunset Hills Burial Park. A procession formed at Reed Funeral Home Canton Chapel at 10 a.m.

Those wishing to share a fond memory their condolences may sign the Reed on-line guestbook at www.reedfuneralhome.