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September 30, 2010

~ Kiwanis Peanut Day Set for Oct. 1 ~ 

Peanut Day is a major fundraiser for the Woodsfield Kiwanis Club. Friday Kiwanians and Key Club members will be taking to the streets, bags of peanuts in hand. They will be asking for donations from residents. This annual fundraiser helps finance the numerous Kiwanis projects including the annual Scholarship Banquet and Talent Show. Woodsfield Mayor Bill Bolon signed a proclamation declaring Oct. 1 as Peanut Day in Woodsfield. Peanuts will also be available at the following businesses: the Monroe County Beacon, Bellwood Drugs, Citizens National Bank, Modern Hardware, Subway and Woodsfield Savings Bank. Kiwanians will be stationed various places throughout Woodsfield Oct. 1. Shown at the Modern Hardware, from left, are Kiwanians Ed Paulus, Ruth Workman and Karena Reusser.     Photo by Martha Ackerman

Charlie’s Run for Kids Oct. 2 

Residents of the Monroe County area once again will witness history in the making. At 8 a.m. in the morning on Oct. 2 about a dozen dedicated runners will begin their 12-hour run to raise money for several Children’s Hospitals. All donations from the Monroe County and surrounding area come directly back to defray the cost of the free and reduced care that is provided to our children.

Juston Wickham of Cambridge will defend his championship and will be pressed by several other veteran ultra marathoners. Tom Mays of Dayton, last year’s runner-up, will be joined by legendary 29-time participant Dick Sanders of Buffalo, N.Y. and legendary Mitch Toto, 73, of Morristown. Of course, Charlie Kozlesky, the originator and only runner to compete in all 33 events, will be running in circles all day long.

Kozlesky is also excited about the continued growth of local runners. Lori Michener has been at this for at least 12 years and she brought her son Chris Benedict into the fold several years ago. Mick Schu-macher will be the third local participant. Additionally, Ruta Mazelis, at least a 15-time participant, will bring along Bill Potts from Sherrodsville for his second appearance.

As always, this is a community event and could not go on without the local support and donations. “Please drive safely and help these runners raise more dollars this year than any other year,” said Kozlesky. “Remember to either drop your donations off during the race, hand it to a runner or mail to Charlie Kozlesky at 254 Brownstone Ct., Westerville, OH. If you have questions, you may call Charlie on his cell, 614-325-2596. 

~ Charles F. Orum, CPA, Will Host an Open House at New Offices ~

Charles F. Orum and his staff will host an open house Oct. 1 at their new spacious offices located at 142 N. Main St. in Woodsfield. They invite the public to stop in to see the new office. Orum has been a certified public accountant for 35 years. The office handles personal, corporate, partnership and non-profit  taxes; monthly accounting; payrolls and estate planning. Employees include Lori Biedenbach, who has been with Orum for 22 years; Cheryl Stimpert, five years; and JoAnn Schwall, four years. Shown, from left, are Charles F. Orum, JoAnn Schwall, Cheryl Stimpert, Lori Biedenbach, along with members of the Monroe County Chamber of Commerce: Dick Sulsberger, secretary Ruth Workman and Richard Yoss. Orum also has an office in New Martinsville, W. Va. Staffing there includes Telena Craig and Janet Pickenpaugh.         Photo by Martha Ackerman


WSB Has New President, CEO

by Martha Ackerman
General Manager/Editor

Woodsfield Savings Bank, located on Lewisville Road, Woodsfield, has a new president and chief executive officer. Tracey Craig was recently hired to fill the position vacated by Michael Knuchel. Craig was welcomed to the position by 40-year WSB board member Nile Kamp.

Woodsfield Savings Bank began as a savings and loan with offices on West Court Street in Woodsfield. In 1995 a new facility was built at its present location on Lewisville Road. The bank, which was established in 1887, offers customers a wide variety of financial services including checking, savings, certificates of deposit, IRAs, safety deposit boxes, debit cards and an ATM. They also arrange mortgages as well as home, consumer and automobile loans.

A 1990 graduate of Woods-field High School, Craig graduated from the University of Akron in 1994 with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. He worked as a public accountant in Hudson, Ohio, for several years. When his wife Aimee graduated from the University of Akron, the couple moved back to Monroe County. They have two children Maddie and Patrick.

“Our goal is to be as customer friendly as possible,” said Craig.

Woodsfield Savings Bank board members, in addition to Nile Kamp, are Joe Lestini, Lynn Riethmiller, Mark Wells, Mark Forni and Raymond Petty. Staff includes Connie Richter, chief financial officer; Ruth Yoho, head teller; Lisa Bishop, loan officer; Tracey Ullman, loan secretary; Kelly Huffman, bookkeeper; and tellers: Lora Shapley, Missy Wilson and Tammy Kirkbride.

Tracey Craig has been named the new president and chief executive officer of Woodsfield Savings Bank, which was established in 1887. Shown with Craig is WSB board president Nile Kamp, who has been on that board for 40 years. 


Members of the 2010 Monroe Central Homecoming Court includes, from left, sitting: sophomore attendant Anne LaFollette, junior attendant Demitra Habig, freshman attendant Savannah Yoho; second row: candidates Tim Oxley, Lauren Harmon, Emma Betts, Jonathan Muntz; third row: Zac Lindemood, Liz Schuerman, Alex Kuhn, Brock Jones; back: Marcus Schumacher, Melissa Stimpert, Jennifer Hayes and Tye Dimmerling.       Photo by Martha Ackerman

Monroe Central Homecoming Set for Oct. 1

Monroe Central‘s 2010 Homecoming Queen will be crowned at halftime ceremonies during the Monroe Central vs. Magnolia football game. Oct. 1.

A parade, honoring the king candidates, will begin at the old Woodsfield High School  Sept. 30 at 7 p.m. and will end at a bonfire behind the field. The 2010 Monroe Central Homecoming King will be crowned at that time. 

The Oct. 1 parade will begin at the SOLSD board of education building at 6 p.m. and will maneuver through the streets of Woodsfield to the football field culminating with the halftime festivities.

The homecoming dance is set for Oct. 2, 7-10 p.m. 

Members of the 2010 Homecoming Court are: junior attendant Demitra Habig, daughter of Dan and Lisa Habig of Wilson; sophomore attendant Anne LaFollette, daughter of Rod and Sally LaFollette of Woodsfield; freshman attendant Savannah Yoho, daughter of Paris and Janet Yoho of Woodsfield.

Queen candidates are: Emma Betts, daughter of Krystal Coleman of Woods-field and Steven Betts; Tracy Harmon, daughter of Troy and Bobbi Harmon of Graysville; Jennifer Hayes, daughter of Heath Hayes of Cambridge and Susan Huffman of Graysville; Alexandra Kuhn, daughter of Chris and Jodi Kuhn of Graysville; Elizabeth Schuerman, daughter of Rick and Teresa Schuerman of Woodsfield; and Melissa Stimpert, daughter of Jodi and Troy Baker of Woodsfield and the late Randy Stimpert.

King candidates are: Tye Dimmerling, son of Darren and Kathy Dimmerling of Woodsfield; Brock Jones, son of lester and Lisa Jones of Miltonsburg; Zac Lindemood, son of Todd and Shain Lindemood of Woodsfield; Jonathan Muntz, son of Robert and Sherry Muntz of Miltonsburg; and Tim Oxley, son of Mark Oxley and Mary Coulter of Woodsfield.

The candidates extend their appreciation to the Hesleps for the use of their beautiful property for the pictures.


Around the Burnside   

A sign in a Chinese Pet Store: “Buy one dog, get one flea.”

If flying is so safe, why do they call the airport “terminal”?

Had a very enjoyable weekend last week. Traveled to Sally Buffalo Park for a picnic with some friends we grew up with years ago in the little town of Fairview.

After we checked out all of our aches and pains and doctor visits we got down to some serious visiting including some of the things we did way back when. Kids today just don’t know what fun is.

A picnic is not a picnic unless you have food. We had plenty. As I moved down the table I spotted a kettle that had baked beans. I don’t mean the run of the mill baked beans that a dog on TV threatens to sell the recipe. They were from scratch baked beans if you can call starting with the dried beans from scratch.

They really looked good so I took a charge of them on my plate. I was right. They were the best baked beans I had ever eaten. I wanted to go back for more but you reach a point during a picnic when you can’t eat any more.

When it was about time to start home I went around bragging how good the baked beans were. I thought maybe if I did this I would be forced to take some home with me. It worked, I was forced to take some home. Well, for Sunday dinner I had another good helping of beans to enjoy. I had trouble not thinking about baked beans during church.

I’m not sure if there is such a thing as a bean judge and if I was one, I’d have to give these baked beans first place.

It was a very enjoyable weekend even if I had to miss watching or hearing the Ohio State football game. I understand they had a little excitement. We hear of bobcat sightings around here but with over 100,000 people around? I guess a bobcat got loose in Ohio stadium and got after Brutus Buckeye. It was just something he wanted to do.

Speaking of football, the high school season is half over except for the playoffs. I think the air was full of footballs last Friday. Of our county games, three teams scored a total of 132 points. Unfortunately one of our teams was on the short end of the score. I can understand their feelings. Our high school didn’t win many basketball games. We were like Skyvue and never lost a football game. Then you look at a couple of teams in a nearby county and they had 103 points scored against them. So it goes.

I guess it’s none of my business, but I wonder how wise it is for the band to march ahead of the traffic leaving the ballgames.

I can’t get too excited about pro football although I do enjoy watching NFL today on Fox at noon on Sunday. It comes on at noon and I sometimes get wiggly in church because of it.

I still do not know why they never or hardly ever telecast the halftime shows. This would be a lot better than listening to two or three so-called experts trying to make you believe how much they know. I’ve watched the game. I don’t need someone to tell me what I saw. Kind of like the weather report three times in 30 minutes. We aren’t taking a test.

Speaking of TV, won’t you be glad when the election is over and you don’t have all those political ads popping on every so often? Here again, same thing over and over and over. I vote as soon as I can and get it over with.

As I write it looks as though this weekend is full. The fall season is with us and this weekend we have the pumpkin festival, the Soakem Festival, Lewisville firemen cooking chicken and great-grandson’s second birthday. So it looks like a busy time. That’s what we like, I guess.

I always kind of liked the fall of the year although I enjoy all of the seasons. In later years I haven’t been too keen about winter. In fact, last winter a few times I said I hate cold weather. I missed a couple of winters but I would have rather been cleaning out the barn and milking the cows.

I don’t worry much nowadays as I can stay inside and keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We are spoiled.

Are you a creature of habit? I think most of us are. For example, I put on my left sock, left shoe and my left arm first when putting on a jacket or a shirt. Every thing else is right first including my hearing aid. Why? I don’t know and I am right handed. To do it any other way is tough to do. I even wear my watch on the back side of my left arm.

I don’t approve of political jokes. I’ve seen too many of them get elected.

Don’t forget church Sunday. 

Our Readers Write 

Dear Editor,

A couple weeks ago there was a letter to the editor about being fooled again by the schools. Then a letter was written by Gary Cook questioning a couple things that this person wrote a couple weeks ago.

Cook seemed to know how extended days are to be used, however, while at the Monroe County Fair I got to talk to a couple individuals that I knew interviewed for the position. After talking to them both separately, I came to the conclusion that these extended days were offered, as the first article implied, during the interview process as a cost offset to schooling. Maybe Nathan is not going to use them as such but it brings into question a trust issue with the school district and their hiring process. Also while talking to one of the other applicants, I found out that the position was not posted on the Ohio Department of Education website, like other positions in our school this past year was advertised. This calls the school district into question again on why this changed for this position.

Cook also raised the question about fact and opinion in his article. Well let us look at some facts about this position and the school district, since Cook rose to question.

Fact: Nathan and Marty were hired by a different process of certification than those going to college to obtain a degree, which requires everyone hired by this process to go to college.

Fact: Nathan’s mother works at Swiss Hills and so did his step-father, Gary Cook. Yes, I do not know if this played a role or not of Nathan being hired. I have no problem hiring a family member or former students of this district, but they should meet the same high qualifications as great teachers in other districts that meet annual yearly progress. This school system should not have lower standards, for applicants because their parents work or worked at the schools or they graduated from the school. That is only hurting  the kids. So why wasn’t the job posted at ODE website?

Fact: Switzerland of Ohio School board members and administration did promise a good education to our students when persuading us to vote or the new schools levy. Which if you look at our 2009-2010 report card, our students did not meet annual yearly progress. It is not all the kids or facilities faults.

In my discussions with others, I feel I have a good understanding of my school district, in which I have been enlightened the last few weeks. I did not take the first article as a personal attack as I feel some may have. I took it as if we voters need to be wiser in November than maybe what we were in the past when we were fooled for voting for the new schools levy. The only thing I am going to add to what I have learned, please vote in November.

Wayne Wilson
Retired Human Resources Director, Beallsville


To the Editor:

As superintendent of schools, I feel compelled to write in regards to the upcoming general election on Nov. 2. The Switzerland of Ohio Local School system will again ask the voters for their continued support of their school system by approving the renewal of a current levy. 

The renewal tax levy is for five years. With the current tax laws in Ohio, passage or failure of the levy will have no effect on the agricultural land owners’ or the homeowners’ tax bill. Ohio law requires a minimum amount of taxes be collected. Failure of the levy will only bring tax relief to commercial/industrial and public utility tax payers:  such as electric, telephone and gas companies. The county auditors in our counties confirm this fact.

Passage of the levy will ensure that our schools have the needed money to provide continued opportunities for our children to learn along with  needed resources:   such as course options at the high school level, computer access, extracurricular activity options and diesel fuel for our bus fleet. 

As a school system, we are asking for your support.

Larry Elliott
Superintendent, SOLSD




■  9-30 Classifieds


Lauretta Marie Shaffer Bertram, 93, passed from this life on Sept. 14, 2010 at her home in Pawleys Island, S.C. She was born Oct. 18, 1916 in Woodsfield, the daughter of the late Marie Mooney and Harry S. Shaffer.

While in kindergarten she met the love of her life, Bill Bertram. They moved to Morgantown, W.Va. shortly after they married. There she was a member of Wesley Methodist Church, the Hospital Guild, and the Service League. She enjoyed playing golf and bridge, knitting and making arrangements from their wonderful rose garden. She and Bill became avid Mountaineer fans.

Surviving are two daughters, Nancy Bertram Radon of Lewisville, Susan (Al) Shaffer Arentsen of Pawleys Island; daughter-in-law, Audrey Wilkins Bertram of Columbus; six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband, William J. Bertram; a son, William Charles (Tram) Bertram; son-in-law, Robert R. Radon; and a granddaughter-in-law, Susan (Randy) Radon.

Friends were received Sept. 19 until time of service at the Woodsfield United Methodist Church, with Rev. Frank Lehosky and Rev. David Hull-Fry officiating. Burial was in Oaklawn Cemetery, Woodsfield.

Arrangements by Bauer-Turner Funeral Home, Woodsfield. 

Memorial contributions may be made to the United Methodist Church of Woodsfield, Organ Fund, 136 N. Main St., Woodsfield, OH 43793.

Condolences may be expressed at www.bauerturner.com.


Robert “Bob” E. Martie, 71, New Martinsville, went to be with his Lord after a courageous battle with cancer on Sept. 24, 2010 at Wheeling Hospital. He was born Sept. 29, 1938 in New Martinsville, a son of the late Ross E. and Clara Martin Martie.

He was a retired technician for Bayer, former member of the Meistersingers, loved to travel, sing and play guitar and harmonica, enjoyed his family and friends and was a faithful member of the Steelton Church of Christ.

Surviving are his wife with whom he would have celebrated 19 years on Oct. 4, Iva Lou Martie of New Martinsville; a son, Robert (Jackie) Martie of New Martinsville; daughter, Debbie Martie and Pat Morris of Sistersville; a step-son, Brian (Rhonda) Jackson of Sardis; step-daughter, Carolyn (Jim) Andenora of New Martinsville; three granddaughters, Kara and Taylor Martie and Hannah Morris; six step-grandchildren, Chris Fuller, Devin Jackson, Morgan and Erin Moore, Jimmy Ande-nora and Ashlee Bearden; aunt, Oma McCormick of Sumter, S.C.; and several cousins and a host of friends.

Friends were received Sept. 27 at Jarvis-williams Funeral Homes, New Martinsville. Funeral services were held Sept. 28 at the Steelton Church of Christ, with D. Gene West and Ed Mellott officiating. Burial was in West Union Cemetery, CR 10, Sardis.

Memorial contributions may be made in Bob’s name to Potter Children’s Home 2350 Nashville Rd., Bowling Green, Ky. 42101-4098.

Expressions of sympathy may be made at www.jarvisfuneralhomes.com.

Pearle L. Bauman Barrick (Aunt Pearle) died September 22, 2010 at the Woodsfield Nursing and Rehab Center at the age of 99 years.  She was born July 5, 1911 in Sardis, a daughter of the late Henry and Mary (Luedy) Bauman.

 She was a graduate of Hannibal High School in 1929.  She attended Kent State University and graduated in the summer of 1930 with a degree in education.  She was hired as a fifth grade teacher at Springfield Township Elementary near Columbiana.   In 1932 she was hired at Zion School.  In 1943, she was hired at Hannibal High School.  In 1947, she was hired at Powhatan High School where she taught Home Economics.  She held this job until she married William Barrick in 1952 and moved to Yakima, Washington.  She continued teaching high school math for the next 35 years.  After her husband passed away in 1985, she moved to Woodsfield to be closer to family.  She was the last surviving member of the eight Bauman children.  She was a member of St. Paul ’s United Church of Christ.  She was also a member of the New Matamoras Chapter of Eastern Stars for over 70 years.  She was a member of the Retired Teachers’ Association of Ohio and Washington State.

   Surviving are several nieces and nephews, Delores (Raymond) Straub, Arlene Winkler, Janet (Sam) Straub, Janis (Fred) Miller, Marilyn Ensinger, Twila Potts, Pauline (Joe) Frye, Paul Bauman, Mary Ellen Spencer, Corrine Billman, Joanne Oehler, Charlotte Schuerman, Carol (Bruce) Gradwohl, David Bauman, and many, many great-nieces and nephews.

    In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband William Barrick; three sister, Bessie (Everett) Fiesley, Laura (Hugh) Walter, Edna (Hal) Mizer; four brothers, Fred (Daisy) Bauman, Charles (Nellie) Bauman, Harry (Ruby) Bauman, Louis (Ruth) Bauman; and two nieces, Helen Fraley, and Doris Marty.

    Friends were received Sept. 24 at the Bauer-Turner Funeral Home Woodsfield.  Funeral Service were held September 25 at St. Paul’s United Church of Christ Woodsfield, with Rev. Frank Lehosky officiating.  Interment in the Oaklawn Cemetery, Woodsfield.  

Memorial contributions may be made to St. Paul ’s United Church of Christ, 303 S. Main St. Woodsfield , Ohio 43793.

Condolences may be express online at www.bauerturner.com.

Robert G. Datkuliak, 65, Barnesville, died Sept. 24, 2010 in Wheeling Hospital. He was born March 12, 1945 near Beallsville, a son of the late George Datkuliak and Hazel Miller Datkuliak Lucas.

He was a member of the East Main Street Church of Christ, Barnesville and the Barnesville Senior Center.

Surviving are two daughters, Bobbie Jo (Terry) Roth of Reynoldsburg, Tammy Jo (Greg) Snider of Jacobsburg; a brother, Lowell (Bonnie) Datkuliak of Beallsville; two sisters, Norma (Bob) Conrad of Columbus, Carolyn (Gene) Deaton of Alledonia; three grandsons, L.T. Roth, Richard Glenn Taylor, Jason Gary Taylor; three step-great-grandchildren, Brian Joseph, Andrew Michael, Erica Marie Snider; several nieces, nephews, cousins, including a cousin, Hazel Pittman of Barnesville; also a special friend, Nancy Wineman of Barnesville.

In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by two brothers, Harold Datkuliak and Nyle Datkuliak.

Friends were received Sept. 27 at Harper Funeral Home, Beallsville, where funeral services were held Sept. 28. Burial followed in Beallsville Cemetery.

Online condolences may be offered at www.harperfh.net.

Charles J. Caldwell, 94, Beallsville, died Sept. 18, 2010 in Medical Park Hospital, Wheeling. He was born Oct. 20, 1915 near Armstrong Mills, a son of the late John and Mercie Kocher Caldwell.

He was a member of the Beallsville Church of Christ, the Rolling Hills Ruritan, a former member of the Belmont Electric Co-op Board, and a former member of the Belmont County FHA Board. He also was a member of both Sunsbury Lodge 362 and Beallsville Chapter #24 OES for 61 years. He had been a dairy farmer all of his life, but he was also employed by Ormet and North America Coal Corporation.

Surviving are his wife of 70 years, Inez Hammond Cald-well; a son, Dr. Neal (Barbara) Caldwell of Coshocton; a daughter, Arleen (Jack) Price of Beallsville; four grandchildren, Dr. Kimberly Caldwell, Heath (Amy) Caldwell, Kurt Price, Kent Price; two great-grandchildren, Evan and Emily Caldwell.

In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by a brother, Kermit Caldwell; and a sister, Wilma Pfeiffer.

Friends were received Sept. 21 at Harper Funeral Home, Beallsville, where funeral services were held Sept. 22, with Jeff Rich officiating. Burial followed in Beallsville Cemetery.

Masonic services were held Sept. 21 at the funeral home.

Condolences may be offered at www.harperfh.net. 

Greg Doty, 55, Belmont, died Sept. 26, 2010 in Barnesville Health Care Center. He was born Aug. 10, 1955 in Barnesville, a son of the late Nancy Doty Joyner.

Before his illness, he was a tree trimmer.

Surviving are four daughters,   Jennifer Doty of Barnesville, Jessica Doty of Beallsville, Heather Wehr of Akron, Amanda Doty; two sons Gregory Doty, Jr., Jason Doty; his siblings, Jackie, Jan, Lonnie, Jeff, Mike; and several grandchildren.

In addition to his mother, he was preceded in death by a sister, Mitzi Doty; and his grandmother, Edith Doty.

Graveside services will be held Sept. 29 at noon at Crestview Cemetery, Barnes-ville.

Memorial contributions may be made to Harper Funeral Home, P.O. Box 250, Beallsville, OH 43716, to help defray the expenses of his funeral.

Online condolences may be offered at www.harperfh.net.

Alma C. Miller, 92, 150 Browns Rd., Marietta, formerly of Sycamore Valley, died Sept. 6, 2010 at the Harmer Place, Marietta. She was born Feb. 12, 1918 at Sycamore Valley, a daughter of the late Henry and Laura Nalley Hercher.

She was a homemaker and was a Protestant by faith. She was a 60 year member of the Order of Eastern Star, most recently of Lodge #584, Lebanon. She was a member of the Bethel Senior Citizens and a member of the Elk Grange, Harriettsville. She enjoyed piecing quilts, country music and her pets.

Surviving are three sisters, Clara Kehl of Logan, Ruby Heft of Lewisville, Eileen Lantz of Whipple; a brother, Elmer (Myrtle) Hercher of Tucson, Ariz.; a sister-in-law, Pauline Hercher of Fairfield Glade, Tenn.; several nephews, nieces, great-nephews, great-nieces and great-great-nieces and nephews.

In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband, Floyd Miller; and two brothers, Ralph and Clessen Hercher.

Friends were received Sept. 8, from 2-4 and 6-8 p.m. at Watters Funeral Home, where funeral services were held Sept. 9, at 11 a.m., with Rev. Gale Lauderman officiating. Burial will follow in the Creighton Ridge Cemetery near Sycamore Valley.

Eastern Star services were held Sept. 8, at 7:30 p.m. at the funeral home.

Memorial contributions may be made to the Bethel Community Center, c/o Irene Clift, 31001 Little Injun Rd., Lower Salem, OH 45745.

Mary O. Baker of Mount Dora, Fla., passed away peacefully in her sleep on Aug. 25, 2010. She was born May 4, 1923 near Summerfield, a daughter of Ace and Becky Leach. 

She graduated from Summerfield High School along with four brothers and sisters. 

She was an active member of St. Joseph (Burkhart) Church, while living near Lewisville, and was an employee of the Switzerland of Ohio Schools. She had many fond memories of the friendships that were made in both the Lewisville and Bethel communities.

Surviving are three children, Marlene (Frank) Gillespie of Maryland, Joe (Mary) and Larry (Merry) all of Florida;  a brother, Rodney (Marlene) Leach of Massillon; six grandchildren; and nine great-grandchildren and was blessed to be close to all of her family.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Earl.

A beautiful service was held in Florida and she was to lay to rest alongside her husband in Mt. Olive Cemetery in Caldwell

Memorial contributions may be made on her behalf to Meadowland Assisted Living, 6767 Round Lake Rd., Mt. Dora, Fla. 32757. By Steverson, Hamlin and Hilbish Funeral Home of Tavares, Fla.


Ruth Sarah Jane Cramblett, “Aunt Ruth”, of Woodsfield, died peacefully at Woodsfield Nursing and Rehabilitation Center on Sept. 26, 2010. During most of her long life, early on Sundays Ruth would be preparing for worship services, but on this beautiful fall Sunday morning she went from sleep to Heaven. She was born Dec. 20, 1916 in Wayne Township, Monroe County, a daughter of the late Winfield Scott and Martha Viola Smith Gatten.

She moved to Woodsfield as a young woman and spent the rest of her life there. She was a beautician for over 60 years. She was baptized at the Richfork Church of Christ and was a faithful member of the Woodsfield Church of Christ all of her adult life.

Surviving are a large number of nieces, nephews and their families.

In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband, John Gilbert “Johnny” Cramblett, whom she married Dec. 26, 1937, he died May 23, 1965; siblings Oliver Thurman “O” Gatten, Estella Lovella Willison, Chloe May Farley, Mary Mildred Hoover and Edna Lourena Simmons.

Friends will be received Sept. 29, from 6 - 9 p.m. at Bauer-Turner Funeral Home, Woodsfield, where funeral services will be held Sept. 30, at 11 a.m., with Sam Bartrug officiating. Burial will be in Oaklawn Cemetery, Woodsfield.

Memorial contributions may be made in Ruth’s name to: Woodsfield Church of Christ, 860 Lewisville Rd., Woods-field, H 43793 and or the Monroe County Humane Society, 41383 Stonehouse Rd., Woodsfield, OH 43793.

Condolences may be expressed at www.bauerturner.com

Carl R. Wayt, 94, Laings, died Sept. 27, 2010 at Wheeling Hospital C.C.C. He was born April 11, 1916, in Jefferson County, a son of the late Edward and Mary Barcus Wayt.

He was a member of the Laings Presbyterian Church, member of the Laborer’s International Union of North America for over 50 years and a life long member of the Democratic Party and served as a Monroe County Democratic committeeman.

Surviving are several nieces and nephews and their families.

In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his wife, Wanda B. Wayt in 2005; and eight siblings.

Friends will be received Sept. 29, from 2 - 4 and 6 - 8 p.m., at Bauer-Turner Funeral Home, Woodsfield, where funeral services will be held Sept. 30, at 2:30 p.m., with Sam Bartrug officiating. Burial will be in Oaklawn Cemetery, Woodsfield.

Condolences may be expressed at www.bauerturner.com.