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<Beallsville Teens Learn from Booze & Cruise, You'll

Participating in the 'Booze & Cruise, You'll Lose' campaign were, from left, Brendan Burke, "Voice of the Nailers;" Derek Stewart, Beallsville student; Curtiss Patrick, Wheeling Nailers captain; and Cami Westfall, Beallsville student. Westfall and Stewart tied with the best scores on the Booze and Cruise quiz.   





by Gwynn Clifford
Staff Writer

More than a hundred students at Beallsville High School participated in the Booze and Cruise, You'll Lose awareness and education program held on Jan. 11.
Students were engaged by Corporal Jason Laing, a 13-year veteran of the West Virginia State Police, who
explained the rigors of field sobriety tests and demonstrated a DUI arrest with the help of student volunteer Chasidy Burkhart, a BHS senior.
"A lot of times people think 'I'll make his job harder by not taking the field sobriety tests,'" said Laing. "In all actuality, it is easier to convict [when a person refuses to take the tests]."
Students took a Booze Buster Quiz on alcohol-related issues prior to the presentation and were scored.
Sponsor organization Gold, Khourey and Turak, LC, representative George Bamberger noted that they had done a fantastic job compared to other schools.
Scoring highest on the quiz were Cami Westfall and Derek Stewart, who tied.
Other program participants included Brendan Burke, the "Voice of the Wheeling Nailers" on 97.3 FM-at age
22, he has never had a drop of alcohol to drink. He shared with students that it can be done.
Also on hand was a player from the Wheeling Nailers, Curtiss Patr Photick, now in his third season. He
shared that drinking and driving isn't worth the risk with a story of a friend who lost his college scholarships due to a conviction. Attorney Christopher
Turak shared details on the laws in Ohio. WTOV-9's Amy Post reminded students that DUI arrests are videoed
and that tape becomes part of public record-they could end up on television.
Interesting facts shared include that you can be arrested for DUI while operating a motorized watercraft (not a row boat), and for giving your car
keys to another impaired driver.
Beallsville High School Guidance Counselor, Colette McFadden, shared that a team of students helped plan
for the event.

<Masonic Lodge Constructs New Building in Beallsville

Mick Headley and other Masonic Lodge members raise a
wall for their new building.
   Photo Submitted





by Gwynn Clifford
Staff Writer

After several years of planning, the Beallsville Masonic Lodge #362 has begun construction of a new facility.
In November, the club broke ground for a new building that will house Masonic, Eastern Star and other community activities. The 60x30 foot building will replace the former facility that was built in the 1800s.
According to Bill Davis, chairman of the building committee, total costs for the project are estimated at about $150,000.

<Little Damage After Christian Church Fire

There was a considerable amount of smoke due to a fire at Woodsfield Christian Church last week, but very little fire damage.
According to Mike Young, fire chief, a popcorn machine caught fire while in use in the foyer area as the congregation watched a movie in the sanctuary. He said a member heard "a loud popping noise" and left the sanctuary to check - he found the popcorn machine on fire, and it had fallen from the table onto the floor. Young said the fire had burned itself out.
Church members had carried the charred machine outside before the fire the department arrived. Damage from the fire was contained to the popcorn
machine, damage to the carpet, "a jacket or two" and there was heat damage in an adjacent room.
Chief Young said there was a "considerable amount of smoke" and the department ventilated the building.
Woodsfield Christian Church is located at 211 North Main St.

<Commissioners Complete Policy, Discuss EMS Coverage, PA System



Read more in the Jan. 25, 2007, edition...
by Arlean Selvy
Monroe County commissioners at their Jan. 16 session agreed to allot 10-minutes to each individual wishing
to speak to commissioners during a board meeting. In addition, Board President Francis 'Sonny' Block
distributed a policy for commissioners' meetings and residents commented on matters including EMS matters,
a sound system, and changing the board's meeting day.
With the exception of the time to be allowed each visitor to speak, the policy was printed in the Jan. 11 edition of the Beacon. According to the policy, "Each person will be given 10 minutes to speak unless the issue is of a more complex nature. The board
stresses the importance of polite and fruitful discussions and asks that all speakers refrain from argumentative dialogues. The board respects each
speaker's time and wishes that the dialogue be constructive and beneficial to all citizens." Persons not on the agenda will be given time as it becomes available.
Persons wishing to be placed on the agenda should call the commissioners' clerk, Allyson Cox, 472-1341,
giving the reason for the requested time. If documents or questions are necessary for the board's review, they are to be delivered at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.
Meetings are scheduled for Tuesday beginning at 9 a.m. and will end at the conclusion of business.

< Our Readers Write: Letters
to the Editor

Dear Editor,
Well, it does seem that the watchdog's barking is being heard by our elected officials. Notice the rescinding of a previous vote in the Jan. 18th issue?
Miracles do happen! No miracle, just listening to the voters. Why do they listen? Because without the votes, they would be out of there.
I would recommend to all to keep a watchful eye on these politicians and let your wishes be made known unto them.
I believe there is such a thing as "Voter Recall" elections.
I am 74 years old, and I have seen politicians buying votes, not only from their own pockets, but from the taxpayers pockets through the use of "pork." Fund this and I will get votes, they think. And they are right. do not fund this and I will lose votes, they think. And they are right.
When will politicians start doing the things that are right for the people, and look unto the good of our country, our county, our cities, our townships, the
Watchdogs. Keep on keeping on. Hold out elected and appointed persons to accountability.
To all. Stand up and be counted. It's your money and way of life that is being voted on by these officials.
A special thank you to the owner of the Beacon for allowing these letters to become part of the public record.
Hilbert Ault

Dear Editor,
We spend the winter in Florida. We have the Beacon sent to us with our mail.
We were so glad to read The Monroe County Care Center was among the top 35 nursing homes in Ohio.
You see our loved one, Edith Trosch, resides there.
She is cared for medically and they show they care about her. They go the extra mile.
Thank you Monroe County Nursing Home for all you do to make your patients comfortable.
Mervin and Shirley Trosch Sardis

Dear Editor,
Attached to this e-mail is a copy of the letter that I am giving to the commissioners. I am greatly disturbed by the change in their meeting day to
Tuesday. I have let them know my thoughts on the subject. I hope that other Monroe Countians will feel the same way and express their views.
The founding fathers gave us a Representative Republic, that means that we all need to be involved in the oversight of our elected representatives. This ensures that our business is being taken care of in our best interests.
This letter is in response to your decision to change the day of the Commissioners meeting from Monday to Tuesday. I would like to express my displeasure with this move and request that you reconsider and return to Monday to conduct your meetings.
It is my belief that this move is not in the best interest of the citizens of Monroe County. The Commissioners' meetings have historically been held on Mondays. The citizens of the county are familiar with this, and the move to Tuesdays may well cause citizens
with concerns they wish to voice to the Commissioners to miss the meeting date due to confusion. Additionally, there are publications, calendars and
other forms of printed media that have been distributed for the year of 2007 that identify the Commissioners' meeting day as Monday, which is another area where this confusion may arise.
The change in meeting day will also result in a 10-day lag in publication of coverage of the Commissioners' meetings in the Monroe County Beacon.
This means that all up-to-the-minute coverage of the meetings will be printed in newspapers that are
published outside of the county. While these other newspapers are fine publications, I believe that the citizens of Monroe County should be afforded the opportunity to have first-hand coverage of your meetings published in our local newspaper, the Beacon.
After all, your meetings are, in fact, our meetings. The majority of households in the county subscribe to
the Beacon and that is where the coverage should be the freshest. One final point is that many people in
the county may not subscribe to the Intelligencer or The Times Leader and their only source for local news
may well be the Beacon. They should not be denied the opportunity for up-to-date information.
I have one additional concern, and that involves the loss of revenue to county businesses due to the move from a Monday meeting date. This county is in severe financial straights and we are also suffering a loss of employment opportunities for county residents. With the change to Tuesday meetings I believe that this will negatively impact the ability of any legal proceedings needing publication in a local newspaper.
In effect, all up-to-date publication of legal notices would have to take place in surrounding counties and not to a Monroe County business. Rightfully these notices should be first published in the Beacon and Sentinel and the revenue from these ads should go to
employ Monroe County residents.
 I applaud Commissioner Block's efforts to run "professional, organized and efficient meetings," but I do not believe that this change will aid in that
effort. With meeting times on Mondays it is my understanding that the agenda for the week's meeting is customarily available the Friday prior to the meeting. The old business from the previous meeting, including questions citizens have requested answers to, will still have seven days to be addressed. This gives ample time for "business" to be taken care of promptly. These are the views of one citizen of Monroe County, thank you for listening to them.
Wayne A. Forshey

 <Around the Burnside

by Denny Easterling
Wealth is a crown for the wise, the effort of fools yields only folly.
A truthful witness saves lives, but a false witness is a traitor.
Hot off the press: The Ohio State football team drank too much Gatorade. Go Bucks! I also heard that some stores in Columbus have lowered the price of their $14.99 per pound gater meat.
Every once in a while things unexpected happen both good and bad. I like to remember the good things such
as what happened to me a couple of weeks ago.
For quite a while now Esther is being visited by an old man named arthritis which has caused hip and knee problems.
Well, a trip to the doctor resulted in learning four possible actions or options. The fourth option wasn't
the most pleasant selection, in addition he suggested that maybe arthritis exercise in a pool might be helpful.
Well, because an indoor pool is one of the things not available in Monroe County it was off to Betsey Mills
Club in Marietta where they have arthritis exercise class. On arrival to class, Esther discovered a number of ladies and a few men who had some parts replaced, repaired or just weren't working at a hundred percent and old man arthritis had visited them. This didn't seem to bother them as Esther said they were fun to be around and the class was helping.
Some people just don't know when to quit and they kept after me to join the class, so to quiet them I joined. However, a trip to the foot doctor to have him look at a strange rash and blisters on my foot, he didn't think it Hoof and Mouth Disease, resulted in
him suggesting I not go into the pool until some salve he ordered had a chance to clear it up. This let me off the hook for a while.
The ladies in the class seem to enjoy getting together once in a while away from the pool. This time it was lunch at Bob Evans. Esther was invited so they
had to invite me. I wondered about eating with all those ladies, then I thought it might be fun, anyway I knew it would be a new experience.
Bob Evans is not a place for a group of more than four to eat together and do not like to pull tables together for a larger group. You don't argue with 15
ladies. So I found myself in the middle of 15 ladies for lunch.
You understand what women do when  they sit down with women on each side and in front. They talk. We discussed hearing and listening in Sunday School Sunday. At the table with all the ladies I did a lot of hearing but very little listening.
Time to order, would you  believe 10 of those 15 ladies ordered some type of salad? I guess maybe they had been reading one of those health magazines. Not me, I ordered one of the new pork loin knife and fork sandwiches. A big chunk of loin, mashed potatoes, dressing and swimming in gravy. Man was it good! One problem, it didn't stick to my ribs, if you know what I mean. In fact, I think it never slowed down past my ribs. I'll stick with a cup of bean soup and a sausage sandwich next time.
The one waitress did an excellent job serving our group, but you know, the talking only slowed down a tink when we started eating and I didn't realize how long it took to stir a stir fry.
To be honest I did enjoy the lunch with the ladies regardless of what some might have thought. There was another fellow who was with a group of what appeared to be college girls (he didn't get to eat with all of his group) couldn't keep from asking about our group.
He thought it great. I'm running out of excuses and I will be joining the
exercise group in the pool. I kind of begin to wonder if it will be safe, I expect it will be safe, OK I know it will be safe to get into the same pool with all the ladies and a few men. There's a lifeguard on duty at all times.
Those of you who like to hear the pitter-patter of rain drops should be happy. At eight inches of snow to
an inch of rain the snow would be considerable more than knee deep on a six foot Monroe Central basketball
player. It had rained hard. The windshield was spattered with
mud, the car had narrowly escaped several collisions, and the hitchhiker was beginning to regret that he had
been picked up by this particular motorist. "Wouldn't it be a good idea to wipe off the windshield?" he
suggested anxiously. "It wouldn't do a bit of good, son," said the cheerful driver, "I left my glasses at home."
You can't fall out of bed if you sleep on the floor.
I read many slogans, statements and truths over time.
I think one of the best is: "What you do on Sunday morning should make a big difference on what you do Saturday night." What did you do Saturday night? Bible readings: (Mon.) Isaiah 35:3-10; (Tues.) Matthew 4:12-17; (Wed.) John 9:1-11; (Thurs.) John
9:35-41; (Fri.) Ephesians 5:15-21; (Sat.) John 8:12-20; (Sun.) John 12:44-50.

< Obituaries
(read the full obituary in the paper) 

denotes veteran

<Sandra J. Crawford, 67, New Martinsville, W. Va., died Jan. 14, 2007, in Washington, Pa. She was born
Oct. 16, 1939, in Glendale, W. Va., a daughter of the late John Wilson Landers and Lottie Marie Nollge.

<Irene O. Hogue, 89, of 300 High St., Woodsfield, formerly of Lewisville, died Jan. 18, 2007, at Monroe County Care Center, Woodsfield. She was born Aug. 5, 1917, near Stafford, a daughter of the late Raymond Herbert and Mary Pearl McConnell Ullman.

<Marvin Addison Burton, 78, New Martinsville, died Jan. 13, 2007, in Wetzel County Hospital. He was born Oct. 1, 1928, in Proctor, W. Va., a son of the late Wilson and Winnie Beatrice Butlet Burton.

<Robert Heddleston, 74, of 46850 SR 7, New Matamoras, died Jan. 18, 2007, at Ross Heart Center, Ohio State
University, Columbus. He was born Aug. 14, 1932, at New Matamoras, a son of the late Chester A. Heddleston
and Edna Beryl Cochran Heddleston.

<Marvin E. "Pudge" Wiley, Sr., 61, North Star Rt. 2, New Martinsville, formerly of Clarington, died Jan. 16, 2007, at Wheeling Hospital. He was born Aug. 5, 1945, in Jerusalem, the son of the late James Russell and Helen Tiber Wiley.

<Blanche Bea Keylor, 84, of 1063 McCloskey, Columbiana, Ohio, died Jan. 18, 2007, at Salem Community Hospital. She was born Feb. 4, 1922 in Sumerset Twp., Belmont County, a daughter of the late Richard and Rose Rhinus Rinehart. Sign register book
and leave condolences online at

<Shawn Scott Burden, 43, Woodsfield, formerly of Goose
Creek, SC, died Jan. 16, 2007, at Monroe County Care Center, Woodsfield. He was born Dec. 28, 1963, at Wooster, a son of Tim and Dolly Piatt Burden of Woodsfield, and the late JoAnn Johnson Burden. Online
condolences may be expressed on line at: www.bauerturner.com.

<Florence E. Colvin, 87, Woodsfield, died Jan. 14, 2007, at Woodsfield Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. She was born Nov. 15, 1919, in Laings, a daughter of
the late Daniel "Danny" Moffett and Dora Howell Kane Moffett.

<Lawrence Lee Hupp, 83, Graysville, died Jan. 18, 2007,
at Wheeling Hospital. He was born July 31, 1923, in Monroe County, a son of the late Arthur Hupp and
Minerva Harmon Hupp. Online condolences may be expressed on line at: www.bauerturner.com.

<Wilbert Walter Claus, 89, 33101 Christman Rdg. Rd., Lewisville, died Jan. 22, 2007, at Summit Acres Nursing Home, Caldwell. He was born May 7, 1917, near Lewisville, a son of the late Walter C. and Lydia Kilburn Claus.

<Lila L. Mercer, 83, of 48625 Cain Rdg. Rd., Clarington, died Jan. 16, 2007, at Belmont Community
Hospital, Bellaire. She was born Nov. 25, 1923, near Clarington, a daughter of the late Harry and Viola Burkey Fankhauser.

<Madeline Dorothy Shannon, 82, died Jan. 17, 2007, at Riverside Hospital. She was born in Paden City, W. Va., and reared in Woodsfield, a daughter of the late Jesse and Emmalea Shannon. Visit www.egan-ryan.com
for condolences.