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<Twins Earn “Best of Show” At Kiwanis Talent Contest

ts-twins-best-of-show.jpg (376594 bytes)Lauren and Leanna Price proudly share the Best of Show Award following the 21st annual Kiwanis Amateur Talent Contest held March 20 at Swiss Hills Career Center.
The pair sang Working Woman Blues. 

Photos by Martha Ackerman

ts-group-1-winners.jpg (339012 bytes)Group I (ages 7-11) winners were Madison Neiswonger, 2nd place dance; Seonna Kernen, 1st place dance. In back from left are Madelyn Craig, 1st place instrumental; Sydney Schuerman, 1st place vocal, Hannah Perkins, 2nd place vocal and representing The St. Sylvester Singers were Jared Headley and Lindsay Froehlich.

ts-group-2-instrumental-&-d.jpg (341737 bytes)Group II (ages 12-14) dance and instrumental category winners: front Lauren Price, 2nd place instrumental;
Katie Plas, 1st place instrumental; Brittany Conners, 3rd place instrumental; Alison Sloan, Chelsie Roberts, 2nd place dance; and Caitlyn Moore, 1st place dance.

ts-group2-vocalist.jpg (247053 bytes)Group II (ages 12-14) winners in the vocal category: from left, Katherine Fickell, 3rd place; Mikaela Headley, 2nd place and Lauren and Leanna Price, 1st place. 

ts-3rd-group-winners.jpg (358852 bytes)Group III (ages 15-18) winners from from left, floor level, Christine Gallagher, 2nd place vocal; and Laura Stimpert, 1st place dance. Second level, Tianna Hughes, 3rd place vocal; and Kirstin Repco, 1st place vocal; third level, Shea Groves, 2nd place instrumental; and Adrian Kehayas, 1st place instrumental.

by Arlean Selvy

The Price twins, Lauren and Leanna, earned three awards last week to add to their growing number of trophies and plaques.
The girls won Best of Show at the Kiwanis Talent Contest. Together they took first place in vocal and Leanna earned 2nd place in the instrumental category in Group II, ages 12-14.
Paige Lohrey won the Creative Excellence trophy for her performance of Piano Man, which she both sang and
played piano. In their comments, one judge wrote: you are a very good pianist - multi-talented while another wrote, Im not sure which is better, your voice or your playing.
The judges were tough in their ratings, said Kiwanian Karina Reusser. She noted they judged pitch accuracy, tone and breath control. Judging were Kelly Soloninka, Greta Foose and Frank
Wilson. All are faculty members at the Linsly School in Wheeling and all are involved with the Linsly Extravaganza, an annual talent exhibition presented
each February by the Fine Arts Department at Linsly.
This year's talent show was one of the best ever and went smoothly. Of course there were a couple bumps in the road, including a CD that refused to be read and a contrary microphone. Both bumps were admirably overcome and the show went on.
Staying with Group II, the second place winner in the vocal group was Mikaela Headley and third place winner was Katherine Fickell.
Katherine, wearing black boots matching her black hair, which was meticulously coifed into a bun of curls at the crown of her head, did a super job with Wasted. The judges made note that she had a nice
smile from the start of her performance, has wonderful tone quality and is very talented.
Mikaela sang Three Wooden Crosses. It is a sad song and she did it justice. Three wooden crosses on the right side of the highway .. The lyrics tell us, It's not what you take when you leave this world
behind you - its what you leave behind you when you go.
Others in the vocal category included Madalyn and Talma Gray, Jordan Aubrey, Hayley Campbell, Asia
Prickett and Elizabeth Lovejoy as well as Paige Lohrey.
Of Madalyn and Talma, the judges wrote We really loved your song choice, Amazing Grace. The Gray twins
sang without music and judges wrote, Your voices blended well.
Asia Prickett, singing Its in His Kiss to piano accompaniment by her instructor, Paula Frank, surprised us with a little dance. She wore a bright red skirt fashioned to the time era, but instead of a
poodle, big black musical notes were sewn to her skirt. The judges were impressed with the power behind her sound and said the movement was a great
addition to the song.
Hayley Campbell displayed a strong voice as she sang a western song, She's in Love with the Boy and Elizabeth Lovejoy let us know how much air can be
stored in the lungs. She sang, When There Was Me and You.
In addition to Lauren Price, with mandolin, winners in the Group II instrumental category were Katie Plas,
first place and Brittany Conners, third place.
Katie played piano, moving to the rhythm of the Sword Song as she played it.
Brittany played Peace, Peace on the flute. Easy to listen to, she did a fine job.
Group II dance winners were Caitlyn Moore, first and Chelsie Roberts and Alison Sloan second.
Chelsie and Alison, featured in the upper right corner of todays Beacon, are full of energy and their performance to Celebration reflected that
energy. We've watched them grow and enjoy their enthusiasm each year.
Likewise, Caitlyn Moore is such a talented gal and always comes costumed for he dance. Again, watching
her each year is a joy. She certainly worked for, and deserves, her trophy.
Group I, ages seven to 11 winners in the vocal category were Sydney Schuerman, first, Hannah Perkins, second and The St. Sylvester Singers, third.
Austin Straw faced the evenings first bump when the mike wouldn't work as he began his song. Once that was straightened out, he performed I Can be Your Hero with a smooth voice - heroic poise to spare. As Master of Ceremonies Bill Frank says, the biggest talent is
the talent to go on when things go wrong.
Others in the vocal group were Megan Palmer, Hanna Litman, Emily Young, Kayla Maine and Christine Howell,
Jimmy Becca, Christopher Workman and Kaycee Tantillo.
Sydney's was the first performance of the evening. She walked onto stage with her Teddy bear and, to piano accompaniment by Paula Frank, sang, Me and My
Teddy Bear.
Hannah Perkins and her Red High Heels ... here's a tiny dynamite talent well look forward to seeing in future shows.
The St. Sylvester Singers were dressed in shirts claiming: character, compassion and values. They sang, You Cant Get to Heaven. The emcee made note that these lyrics were the ones that would be taken
home by the audience: You cant get to heaven in a tissue box - cause God don't want no little snots.
Hanna Litman looked lovely in her strappy silver shoes and burgundy gown. Her face was sprinkled with angel dust as she sang, Here I am Lord.
Little Emily Young was so cute in her blue formal and matching satin shoes. Her hair was neatly fashioned in
a bun. She sang When There was Me and You.
Kayla Maine and Christine Howell sang a duet, We Can. A snappy country song was a crowd pleaser and done by
Kaycee Tantillo - Don't Come Home a Drinkin. She wore a jean skirt and black shirt with bright flames emblazoned on the front and sleeves.
Jimmy Becca sang Im Breaking a Habit and Christopher Workman sang Numb. We'll watch these young men, hopefully, in future talent shows.
Megan Palmer sang about A Place in This World.
First place instrumental winner was Madelyn Craig.
She carried a stuffed pup in a basket as she walked
across the stage to the piano. She pulled herself into
position and played, Somewhere Over the Rain-bow . So,
we can be pretty sure that was Toto in the basket
which she placed atop the piano.
Seonna Kernen earned first place in the dance
category and Madison Neis-wonger won second place.
Madison was very much dressed for her tap dance. And
Seonna was every inch prepared for her ballet dance.
You looked like a true ballerina, was the comment
of one of the judges. Her dance to Reflection was
methodical and flowing. The focal piece was a small
standing mirror which she placed on the stage prior to
her performance.
Group III (ages 15-18) winners in the vocal category
were Kirstin Repco, 1st place, Christina Gallagher,
2nd; and Tianna Hughes, 3rd place.
Others in the vocal category included Michael Paulus,
Rachel Beckett, Heather Stephens, Savannah Burke and
Grace Wineman.
Kirsten did a beautiful job singing Listen to Your
Heart, accompanied by her father, Mark Repco, on
electric keyboard.
Christina sang Before He Cheats. She has a good
strong voice and it was a real red-head song for Miss
Gallagher, who is a red head.
Tianna earned her third place with Behind These Hazel
Another bold voice is that of Heather Stephens. She
sang When I think About Angels.
Michael Paulus was, as always, very good - he is
blessed with much talent. He wore a black western hat
and jeans and urged audience participation as he sang
California Sunshine. This is another talent we have
watched grow over the years.
The judges made note about Michael having a good
personality and his singing is easy to understand.
Savannah Burke sang What a Difference Youve Made in
My Life to the accompaniment of her mother, Debbie, on
piano. Again, those of us attending the Kiwanis Talent
Show over the years have watched Savannah grow into a
beautiful young, and very talented, lady. The judges
commended her on her technique and vocal sound. You
really sell the song, one of them wrote and another
noted her very nice stage presence.
Grace Wineman sang a-cappella to Leave the Pieces and
Racel Beckett sang Daddys Hands.
Rachels was the second bump in the proverbial road.
The sound equipment had a problem reading her CD.
Sound technician Ken Phillips and his sidekick, Chris
Hinkle, who is an electronics student at Swiss Hills,
worked on the problem while another contestant
performed and all was well. Rachel dedicated her song
to all the dads in the audience.
Adrian Kehayas took 1st place in the instrumental
category and Shea Groves won 2nd. Both played piano.
Shea played Phantom of the Opera and Adrian, by
memory, played a piece by Beethoven. And hes only
been taking lessons for three years!
The judges commented on his clean, crisp sound and
said it was very entertaining and impressive. With
regard to his memorizing the piece they wrote, Thank
you for memorizing your piece. It was already difficult - you handled it beautifully.
Laura Stimpert's dance to Endangered Species was impressive, too. Her performance shouted of dedication to the art of dance.
The Award of Excellence trophy was presented by Dr. Kenneth Cooper, DPM and sponsored by Swiss Valley Foot and Ankle Center.
The Best of Show trophy was presented by Karena Reusser and sponsored by Woodsfield Kiwanis Club.
In addition to Kiwanians Cooper and Reusser, awards and certificates were presented by Kiwanians Ruth Workman and Dan Lollathin. Statisticians were Russell Claus and Natalie Claus.
Providing and operating sound equipment were Ken Phillips and Chris Hinkle. Master of Ceremonies was Bill Frank. Concession table snacks were provided by Riesbecks Food Market and Modern Hardware.

<Wetzel County Hospital Opens Clinic in Monroe

dr.-denunzio.jpg (300478 bytes)

Wetzel County Hospital Woodsfield Clinic will hold an Open House on Saturday, March 31 at the new offices
of Dr. Charles J. DeNunzio, Jr. D.O., who is pictured with staff members, Joan Pack, Jayne Vinskovich and Faye Mann. The clinic is located on SR78 five miles
east of Woodsfield. Open House hours are from noon to 4 p.m.
Photo by Martha Ackerman

Charles J. DeNunzio, Jr., D.O., a physician certified by the American Osteopathic Board of Family
Physicians, will join the Wetzel County Hospital medical staff as a family practice physician effective
April 1, according to George Couch, Chief Executive Officer, Wetzel County Hospital, New Martinsville.
Dr. DeNunzio, currently located in Woodsfield, will be moving to a new facility, located five miles east
of Woodsfield at 45325 SR78. A grand opening, featuring refreshments and a tour of his new offices will be held on Saturday, March 31, noon-4 p.m.
“We are pleased to have Dr. DeNunzio join the other quality physicians on our medical staff,” said Couch.
“His years of experience as a family practice physician are already benefiting the residents and Monroe County and we look forward to offering this
same quality care to the rest of our service area.”
Dr. DeNunzio attended the Pennsylvania State University where he earned a B.S. in Microbiology, High Distinction. He received his Doctor of Osteopathy
degree from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and he completed his post-graduate training at West Allegheny Hospital. Dr. DeNunzio served six years in the U.S. Public Health Services in rural Pennsylvania.
“After two years of service in Monroe County, I am proud to offer a new, roomy facility to continue the service to my friends in the Woodsfield area,” said
After April 1, Dr. DeNunzio’s office may be reached at 740-472-1879.

<~ Monroe Central Drama Club Presents Wizard of Oz ~

mc-wizard-of-oz.jpg (483631 bytes)

Monroe Central High School Drama Club members spent many hours getting ready for their production, The Wizard of Oz. The starring role of Dorothy is played
by Ashley Dick on Friday and Amanda McConnell, on Saturday.
Players above include Michael Paulus as the straw man, Amanda McConnell as Dorothy, and Levi Morris as the tin man. The lion, center, is played by Kyle Rader
and the trees are Lindsay Huntsman, left, and Brittany McConaughy. At center back is Nichole Resecker, who plays a monkey.
This year’s musical marks the fifth. Each year improvements are made to enhance the shows. Following this year’s show, drama club members are headed for
New York. They have been busy with fundraisers to earn money for the trip and hope to bring back new ideas for future Monroe Central productions. “We are looking forward to seeing everyone at our production of The Wizard of Oz,” said Jessica Winland, stage manager.
Directing the show is Anita Parr with assistant directors Derek Shirley and Tonia Baker. Piano accompaniment provided by Paula Frank.
The musical, to be performed at the old Woodsfield High School on Friday, March 30 and Saturday, March 31. Tickets are available at the door or at Monroe Central.

< Obituaries
(read the full obituary in the paper) 

denotes veteran

<Bruce Allen Lawhorne, 38, of Gaithersburg, Maryland, formerly of Powhatan Point, died March 13, 2007.

<Elda L. Winkler, 83, Clarington, passed away March 21, 2007, at Bishop Joseph H. Hodges Continuous Care
Center, Wheeling. She was born April 25, 1923, in Round Bottom, a daughter of the late Clarence and Elizabeth Reef McKelvey.
<Helen Zora Collinson, River Oaks, Lenoir City, Tenn., passed away March 21, 2007. She was born Oct. 30, 1912, in Woodsfield, a daughter of the late Orilla
and William Keevert, and was a resident of Cleveland for over 60 years.