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 May 17, 2007 Edition

<Open House Bigger & Better

modern-pies.jpg (180392 bytes)
Attention Monroe County pie bakers! Modern Hardware
will host a Pie Bake-Off in conjunction with its 10th
annual Open House set for June 1 and 2 from 9 a.m. to
7 p.m. Shown with the 56-inch RCA TV which will be
awarded to the winner of the bake-off are, from left,
Modern Hardware manager Karena Reusser and Guy
Strickling of Woodsfield.

modern-group.jpg (311853 bytes)
Three local non-profit organizations will benefit as Modern Hardware celebrates its 10th annual open house June 1 and 2. The store has afforded three organizations the opportunity to make some extra cash for their coffers. Taking advantage of the deal are, from left, Jack Skidmore, Monroe Central Band Director; Donna Neiswanger and Nancy Morris, representing Beallsville’s Athletic Department; and
who will be the third recipient of the offer? One spot remains open. 

Photos by Martha Ackerman

by Martha Ackerman
Staff Writer

Employees at Modern Hardware are gearing up for their 10th annual open house which is set for Friday, June 1 and June 2 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. This year will be bigger and better than ever before with new opportunities to benefit local non-profit organizations, plus the bakers of Monroe County can vie for a 56 inch RCA projection TV!
Attention Pie Bakers: Get your aprons on, your favorite pie recipe out and get to work. You won’t want to miss this opportunity! Modern Hardware has
added something new to its open house– a pie bake-off which will be held at noon June 2. The winner takes home the 56-inch TV! To register, pick up an entry form at Modern Hardware. Entry deadline is 11 a.m.
June 2. Check out the official rules on the entry form.
Another first at this year’s open house is a Pool Clinic. A pool specialist will be on hand from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. June 1 to answer any questions you may have.
Professional water analysis and an array of pool supplies are available at the store.
“We’re the only supplier of Baquacil within a 45 mile radius,” said Natalie Claus of Modern Hardware.
According to Modern Hard-ware manager Karena Reusser,
there will be 30 feet of sidewalk sale items, two-day sale pricing on many items and all appliances will be
on sale and Whirlpool’s “more Green in your Jeans”
event gives customers the chance to save even more on major appliances. There will also be specials on Directv with a live HD demonstration in the parking
This year, meals will be served at a small cost. Reusser has offered local non-profit organizations the opportunity to make some money for their coffers.
Taking advantage of the offer are Beallsville’s football program and Monroe Central’s band. There is
still one spot open to a local non-profit
organization. If your organization is interested in making some extra money, give Reusser a call at 472-5404.
Each organization will have a designated time to work and clean up. The money made during their allotted time will be donated to that organization. According
to Reusser, Modern Hardware will match the top money-making organization’s proceeds.
As always, horse and buggy rides will be available both days with the proceeds going to Woodsfield Kiwanis.

 <Clarington gets NatureWorks Grant for Broken Timber Park

The village of Clarington has been awarded a $6,660 grant to acquire 1.2 acres of land along Sunfish Creek to develop a park.
The proposed park, dubbed Broken Timber Park, has been in the making for several years. It is located on Sunfish Creek. Village council has worked its way diligently through a course of action to enhance the village and entice boating and walking enthusiasts to visit Clarington. There's still a lot of work to do but, courtesy of council members and volunteers, the property has gone from a rat infested junk yard to a property of promise and hope for a bright future.

"I could not be happier," said Mayor Jeff Morris about the funding. Noting the tons of trash that have been removed from the site, and two unoccupied mobile homes yet to be removed, Morris said this grant is the first to be used toward landscaping and beautification. We have removed a boil from the face of the county, said the mayor.
The $6,660 grant was announced recently by State Senator Joy Padgett. According to Padgett, funding was released by the state Controlling Board for nine parks, including the park in Monroe County.
The NatureWorks grant program was established in 1993, when Ohio voters approved the Ohio Parks and Natural Resources Bond Issue. This initiative allowed the state to issue bonds, the proceeds of which go to support the acquisition, development and rehabilitation of parks in all 88 counties of Ohio.
Through NatureWorks, local government subdivisions, including townships, villages, cities, counties, park districts, joint recreation districts and conservancy districts, apply to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, which administers the program, to receive up to 75 percent reimbursement assistance for local projects. Including the funding released earlier this month, the state has invested more than $65 million to date in parks projects across Ohio.
These grants are possible because the voters of Ohio value quality parks and recreational facilities, which our communities have in abundance, said Senator Padgett. Im pleased to see so many Southeastern Ohio parks receiving NatureWorks funding.

<Lewisville Teen Charged With Kidnapping and Rape

An 18 year old senior at Swiss Hills Career Center was in Monroe County Common Pleas Court for a hearing on May 9 and is being held in Monroe County Jail without bond.
Dustin E. Kuhn, 46168 SR-145, Lewisville, is facing 10 counts, six of which are for first degree kidnapping with specifications, one for first degree rape with specification and three for tampering with evidence, a third degree felony.
Kuhn, who appeared in court with his counsel, Jack Blakeslee, entered a not guilty plea.
Prosecuting Attorney Lynn Riethmiller requested Kuhn be held without bond. He called Manifred Keylor, chief deputy officer, Monroe County Sheriffs Office, to testify to evidence gathered in the case.

< Obituaries
(read the full obituary in the paper) 

denotes veteran

< Helen Jane Russell, 73, 201 Cherry St., Woodsfield, died May 9, 2007, at her residence. She was born Sept.7, 1933, at Princess Anne, Maryland, a daughter of the late Walter Francis and Mavah White Larmore Powell. Online condolences may be expressed at www.wattersfuneralhome.com

< Robert M. Shoe Schumacher, 56, Canton, died May 9, 2007, at his residence following a brief illness. He
was born July 22, 1950, in Canton, a son of the late Herman and Rose Schumacher.

< George H. Davis, Jr., 76, of Cadiz, passed away May 10, 2007, in Wheeling Park Hospital. He was born May 23, 1930, in Duncanwood, Ohio, the son of the late George H., Sr. and Ada Russell Davis.
Expression of sympathy may be made at www.jarvisfunerlhome.com.

<Around the Burnside By Denny Easterling

Discretion is a life-giving fountain to those who
possess it, but discipline is wasted on fools.
From the wise mind comes wise speech; the words of the wise are persuasive.
I saved some money at Wal-Mart when they refused to replace the battery in my faithful old watch. It is
still ticking away as it always has.
Two noodleheads were walking down the railroad
tracks. After about two miles, one of them says, Man, all these steps are killing me. The other noodlehead replied, Its not just the steps, its these low handrails.
We have two sets of traffic lights east of Lewisville
on SR 78 to guide us through the one lane areas while they are completing the construction. Im not sure who timed these lights but he is an expert at making me stop at each light. Very, very few times when I go up or down the hill does the light turn green in order for me to sail through without stopping. This is not a complaint but a statement of fact, because I've never been in that big a hurry. If stopping for a couple of lights for probably 30 seconds each bugs you, start earlier or sooner.
I hope no one takes offense over what Im about to
write. Every once in a while, maybe more often or not some event or happening strikes my funny bone when it isn't really supposed to be funny and it can be about good news.
This happened to me while reading the Sunday Times Leader.
As you know the Citizens Bank will be opening a
branch in Barnesville this year. This is good news.
Citizens has been our bank since we moved to Monroe County. They have helped us out several times over the years, keeps our little dab of money safe, and will let me know, in no uncertain terms if I would happen to over spend what they are holding for me. One thing I really like is if there is a question they will call you. No talking to a computer.
The ground breaking ceremony is a big thing in a
project such as this. A picture and story of this
event appeared in the Sunday Times Leader.
It is quite an honor to be the person or persons with
the shovel breaking the ground for the project. In
this event Kathy Climer was chosen for the honor.
Heres where my funny bond kicked in. I looked at the picture, read the article and looked at the picture again. Here we have nine men standing around watching while one lady is doing all the work. Then I thought, banking must really be a good job where men stand around and allow the women do all the work. OK, I know this isn't really the actual truth as the fellows pictured are all community minded and have worked hard to bring about this growth. I also see a number of ladies behind the counter when I stop by the
Its getting that time of year again. School is
almost over and kids seem to get what some call, ants in their pants to get it over with. I can remember when we only attended school eight months. It was still the same.
What was worse was in the 8th grade when we had nine month of school and had to take the standard eighth grade exam at 8 months. If you passed you knew you were in high school, so actually it was a waste of time to spend that extra month in school. I think they are called achievement tests now days and I know the students really look forward to these tests. Ha. If parents haven't learned something from experience, they can always learn it from their children.
Have you watched the TV show Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader? I've watched it a couple of times. It's kind of dumb, but some people like the show and I found out there is a lot of things I didn't learn when I was a fifth grader.
Then again how many things did you learn then do you remember? Some of the questions credited to second and third graders I'm sure I never learned back then, or did I? I know I took two years of Latin in high school because I thought you needed it to be accepted in college, which I had little chance of doing back then.
I thought it was a waste of time then and it turned
out to be true for me. If I hadnt had a couple of
girls help me the second year, I would never had made it and my life would have been ruined.
Did you know that President and Mrs. Benjamin
Harrison were so intimidated by the newfangled
electricity installed in the White House they didnt
dare touch the switches? If there were no servants
around to turn the lights out when the Harrisons went to bed, they slept with the lights on. Ill bet you
never learned this in school.
The reason a lot of people do not recognize
opportunity when they meet it is that it usually goes
around wearing overalls and looking like hard work.
Bible readings: (Mon.) John 16:17-24; (Tues.) John
16:25-33; (Wed.) Ephesians 4:1-6; (Thurs.) Colossians
3:12-17; (Fri.) Revelations 22:6-11; (Sat.)
Revelations 22:12-16; (Sun.) Revelations 22:17-21.