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 May 31, 2007 Edition

<Beacon Proof Reader Leaves Her Mark on Community Paper
clara-cover-picture.jpg (170717 bytes)

by Arlean Selvy

Clara Rausch was a familiar, friendly face at Monroe County Beacon for nearly 70 years.
She passed away May 22. Clara's father-in-law, Clemens Rausch, founded the Beacon in 1937 to Shed some Light on Monroe County news.
The Rausch family worked together for many years, keeping their readers informed through the family
paper - Clara was very much involved in that work.
The Beacon was purchased from the Rausch family by Delphos Herald, Inc. in 1997.
Clara, who started her news-paper career in 1937, always liked to say she did everything from cleaning corners to counting cash at the Beacon. Her
retirement became official on Jan. 14, 2006. She moved to the Westwood Landing Assisted Living facility
following a brief stay at Barnesville Hospital.
Clara was a joy to be around -her mind was as sharp as the proverbial tack. As the Beacons proof reader in her latter years, staff writers learned a multitude
of rules from her. She knew where every comma, colon and semi-colon should be placed, and the do's and dont's of sentence structure.
The really amazing thing about Clara's memory was that she remembered the unique spellings of first names and the various spellings of family names, such
as Lollathin and Lallathin. When she proof-read Backward Glances and mention was made of a couples
anniversary - and if she knew the couple had since divorced - Clara would ask that we consider omitting it so as not to cause embarrassment to anyone.
Even now, after nearly a year and a half, we at the Beacon still miss her.
There will never be another Clara, said Martha Ackerman, who valued Clara's sharp eye as she scanned her articles and ads. The staff echoes that sentiment.
This writer valued not only her correction but her critique, which always came with an explanation.
Clara's chair at the front office desk, near the window, is still empty. The special spot she holds in our hearts seems hollow, but will never be empty.
Clara was a member of the St. Sylvester Catholic Church in Woodsfield.
She was valedictorian of the Barnesville High School Class of 1930 and was an elementary school teacher prior to her marriage to Elmer, who died in 1993.
Back in those days, she told us, you weren't allowed to teach school if you were married.
Her teaching was ongoing ... especially after the proof reading portion of her career began at the Beacon.
Noting Clara's teaching at a Catholic school, Father David Gaydosik noted at the Mass of Christian Burial
that Clara's teaching was continual, ... she taught by example.
She taught the Beacon writers the finer points of punctuation - but she taught all who knew her the finer points of living.
Clara was highly respected and loved by Delphos Herald's administration. Seldom did the owner call that he didn't ask about Clara and inquire about her health. That's wonderful, Murray Cohen would say
upon learning she was fine. As her health began to fail, he'd send his regards.
On her 90th birthday anniversary, Clara was surprised and thrilled to receive a huge bouquet of roses from
the corporate office.
Clara and Elmer were parents of two daughters and sons-in-law, Barbara and Paul Conner, Woodsfield, and
Rita and Jack Spiers, Pickerington. She has three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.
Clara was less than a month away from her 95th birthday anniversary.

<BHS Student-Athletes Honored

bhs-academic-girls.jpg (402946 bytes)

Athletic Director Delmos Moore holds one of the
jackets awarded to each of the three seniors who have
earned a 4.0 grade point average for the last four
years. Shown, from left, are: Tabatha Clary, Chasidy Burkhart and Brittany Burkhart. The young ladies, along with 47 other student-athletes were honored at an awards banquet May 21.

Photo by Martha Ackerman

by Martha Ackerman
Staff Writer

Its time management, said Brittany Burkhart, one of three Beallsville High School scholar-athletes who were honored at an awards banquet May 21.
Brittany, along with fellow classmates, Chasidy
Burkhart and Tabatha Clary, are seniors who have carried a 4.0 grade point average all four years of their high school career while participating in track
and volleyball.. They each received a jacket for their achievements.
I keep a planner in my purse, said Chasidy.
I procrastinate, said Tabatha. She works best under pressure, added Chasidy.
Of the 140 students at Bealls-ville High School, 110 of them participate in sports. Fifty of those scholar-athletes, including the three young ladies, were recognized at the banquet. Fifteen students have
achieved a 4.0 average during their sports seasons.
The other 35 have carried a 3.50-3.99 average during their athletic seasons.
Brittany, daughter of George and Joyce Burkhart, is valedictorian of her class. Chasidy is the daughter of Terry and Etta Burkhart. Both young ladies plan to
attend Wheeling Jesuit University.
Tabatha, daughter of Tonda Clary, plans to attend Muskingum College.
In addition to the three seniors, 4.0
student-athletes honored were: Alexis Kanzigg, Alyssa Headley, Kristin Lallathin, Kerri Thomas, Latara
Arnold, Savannah Burke, Brett Arnold, Terence Caldwell, Shea Groves, Adam Kanzigg, Cody Kernen and Kent Price.
Those scholar-athletes honored for earning a 3.5-3.99 GPA were: Rebecca Garlick, Tori Jarrett, Stephanie
Kanzigg, Emily Mercer, Cheyenne Moore, Mandy Reed, Morgan Roberts, Jami Spence, Andrew Emerick, Jarod
Mellinger, Drew Phillips, Jonathan Pittman, Kelcey Ashland, Reba Brewer, Brandy Contos, Justin Fisher,
Ericka Mc-Frederick, George Ruckman, Tyler Thornberry, David Yontz, Martha Koehler, Caitlin Brown, Miranda
McFrederick, Hali Moore, Joey Albus, Craig Neiswanger, Jimmy Reisz, Kevin Stoney, Alan Boan, Nathan Brandon,
Chelsea Westfall, Josh Hossman, Anthony Marcum, Steven
McGinnis and Dawn Tomolonis.
Beallsville High School is very proud of these 50 student-athletes as they are proof of how a young person can be a student, an athlete and be involved in their community," said Delmos Moore, athletic director at BHS.

ribbon-cutting-thompson.jpg (279397 bytes)< Video Photography Business Opens in Monroe County


by Martha Ackerman
Staff Writer

Jared Thompson developed an interest in video photography while taking Angie Moores multi-media
class at River High School. He has cultivated this knowledge and opened his own business, Thompson Video
His first production was a documentary on River High
School. His interest grew when he worked with Jay Morris at Ohio University. I helped out and found I
enjoyed the work, said Thompson. He found a camera and filmed a friends wedding for practice.
Now, as an upcoming senior at West Liberty State College, Thompson has updated his equipment, building
several computers, and upgrading his camera and editing programs. I spend 85 percent of my time in front of the computers editing, he said.
We are dedicated to providing our clients with professional video production for an affordable cost,
said Thompson.
He is available to video weddings, graduations, sporting events and even advertising productions. All
events are recorded in a digital format, using high quality microphone systems for the best possible quality.
For more information on Thompson Video Production, call 740-472-0534

< Obituaries
(read the full obituary in the paper) 

denotes veteran

clara-b&w.jpg (49746 bytes)<Clara Elizabeth Rausch, 94, of Woodsfield, died May 22, 2007 at Woodsfield Nursing and Rehabilitation
Center. She was born June 20, 1912, in Barnes-ville, a
daughter of the late Edward Froehlich and Lillian Chambers Froehlich.
<Lemuel F. Jerry Campbell, Sr., 70, Ashland, died at Hospice House May 26, 2007. He was born April 7, 1937
in Clarington, a son of the late Woodrow W. and Virginia Bondy Campbell.

<Virgil (Lee) Davis, 57, Cameron, went to be with the Lord May 27, 2007, at his home. He was born July 7, 1949 at East Liverpool, a son of the late Virgil L. Davis and Goldie Mildred Cain Baker.

<Around the Burnside

By Denny Easterling

Scoundrels hunt for scandal; their words are a
destructive blaze.
A trouble maker plants seeds of strife; gossip
separates the best of friends.
Had a dollar bill Sunday that had written on it,
Your Dreams Will Never Come True - if you Oversleep.
I guess this is excellent advise, but it started me to
thinking. Im not sure I want my dreams to come true.
Im not much for dreaming, but when I do, they are
down right stupid. For example, Im out in the garden
hoeing and something jumps out of the ground at me. I
always wondered why I quit raising a garden. Its so
easy to go to a farmers market.
Now, on the other hand, I am at the age where I like
to sleep in and this brings up another problem.
Most days we have very little planned to have a
reason to jump out of bed early. Maybe a doctor
appointment, go for a blood test, Happy Hearts
practice or program or things such as this that are
not too pressing. This winter when daylight held off
till later in the morning, I could easily sleep till
nine or nine thirty without any effort. On occasion,
Ive been known to keep sawing logs until nearly 10
oclock. No more.
Since time change and the season has caused it to
start to lighten up about 5:30 a.m. it has changed my
sleeping habits.
For example, this morning I woke up between five
thirty and six to take a little trip to where youve
already guessed and I only had planned a trip to the
Barnesville Hospital to have them check a blood
sample, to determine if the rat poison Im taking is
running wild, so I thought I could sleep in until
eight or a little after and still get home in time to
get lunch, yes, I said get lunch, not eat lunch.
So I jumped back into bed and was asleep in a short
time. I woke up and thought, its not eight yet so
Ill go back to sleep. No luck, I rolled and tossed
but couldn't go back to sleep, so with nothing else to
do I rolled out. I looked at the clock and would you
believe the little hand was just passed seven and the
big hand was on six. (7:30 a.m.).
Everything turned out OK as I had my shower, made
breakfast, which was three slices of toast, butter,
blackberry jam, peanut butter, coffee and orange
juice, made the bed, completed my blood test and was
back home by 11 to get lunch and supervise Esthers
required exercises. She recently had a part replaced
in her running gear and is required to use a walker
for six weeks or so. This increased my work load
somewhat. I might even mop the kitchen and bathroom
floor. After all, its only been a little over two
weeks since we got home from the hospital. Now Im
sitting here trying to fill up four pages in order to
beat the Beacon deadline.
A rabbits foot is a poor substitute for good sense.
Doesnt do the rabbit much good either.
Try slowing down advise I read on a church sign
board recently. If things arent going right - slow
down. More good advice. Everyone and everything seems
to be moving faster and faster at my age, time seems
to go very fast. Here it is Decoration Day and
Valentines Day was just a short time ago. Some even
get their kids started on sports teams by the time
they learn to spell their name. I played in the second
basketball game I saw when I was a freshman in high
Speed! Drive down any road most any time and you will
see someone speeding. I read the other day where the
State Highway Patrolman wrote nearly 1500 tickets to
drivers traveling over 100 miles per hour, the fastest
was speeding 133 miles per hour. His statement on
being ticketed? It was poor judgment on my part. Im
not sure it wasnt smart enough to be called stupid.
Back years ago when the automobile started scaring
the horses, speed was not a problem, in fact some
folks thought if anyone would travel 60 miles per hour
they would blow up, have a heart attack or couldnt
Even the old Model T Ford could never make it that
fast. In fact, to celebrate its development, a few
years ago, 15 Model T Fords traveled from California
to Dearborn, Michigan. It took them 19 days to make
the trip top speed 45. they say driving slow will save
on gasoline usage. Doesnt seem the price of gasoline
has slowed down many drivers.
Oh yes, its the time of year the State Highway
Department has started mowing. This allows you to see
how disrespectful some motorists are, as mowing
uncovers the trash thrown out.
I got a bargain the other day. Esther needed a new
pair of shoes and with the deal we could buy the
second pair for half price, so I bought myself a pair
of running shoes. I thought they might move me around
a bit faster. (Didnt work). I didnt notice at the
time, but since I started wearing them every day, the
way they are decorated reminds me of a Wolverine, when
I think of a wolverine, I think of Michigan, when I
think of Michigan I think of the University of
Michigan, when I think of the University of Michigan I
think of how happy it makes me when the Buckeye whomp
their football team and I really dont give a - - -
for the whole state of Michigan. All of this happens when I put on my shoes every morning. Anyone interested in Wolverine shoes? Half price!
The first essential for leadership is a group of dumb guys to follow you.
Bible readings: (Mon.) Psalm 82; (Tue.) Isaiah
59:9-15; (Wed.) Jeremiah 22:1-5; From Amos (Thurs.) 3:1-10; (Fri.) 8:4-8; (Sat.) 5:10-15; (Sun.) 5:20-25.