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< Monroe Farm Bureau to Host
Meet the Candidates Night


The Monroe County Farm Bureau will host a Candidates Night on Tuesday, Oct. 17 at 7 p.m. The open forum will be held at Swiss Hills Career Center.
According to Dan Greenlee,  Monroe County Farm Bureau, state representative and local candidates have been invited. Representatives for local issues including the school income tax and E-911 Phone Fee issues have also been invited to attend.
An individual from out-of-county will mediate the proceedings.
Each candidate or issue will be given three minutes for opening statements.
Written questions for candidates may be submitted by audience members. According to Greenlee, the questions will be screened to insure no mudslinging or personal
attacks. Candidates will respond in rotation.
Candidates and issue representatives will be allowed one minute for closing statements.
The public is invited to attend to hear the
candidates and learn about the issues so they can make well-informed decisions on Nov. 7.

< Gadd Runs for State Representative



Submitted by Don Gadd,
Republican Candidate
for State Representative

Byesville Mayor Don Gadd is running for State
Representative in the 93rd Ohio House district. Gadd has been hard at work taking his message of job creation to every corner of the district.
As Mayor, Gadd was part of a team that helped create 1700 new jobs in Guernsey County and reduce the unemployment rate over three percent since 2000. Don Gadd has been instrumental in creating 600 jobs in and
around Byesville, Ohio.
Gadd believes his proven results resonate with the voters.
"I have heard about a lot of issues that people feel have gone unresolved over the last two years, but the constant through all of it is economic development and jobs. People want quality jobs so that they can stay in southeast Ohio and remain confident that this is the right area to raise their families."
At a recent Township Trustee dinner in Lewisville, Gadd pointed out that his opponent was one of only seven people, Republi-cans and Democrats, to vote against putting the 2005 bond issue (out of 132), which provides monies to township trustees, libraries and schools on the ballot.
Gadd believes Southeast Ohio deserves stronger
representation on local government issues in Columbus. Don Gadd is a native of Southeast Ohio. His family roots run deep, going back nearly 200 years.  Gadd is a small business owner in the oil and gas industry and understands the importance of creating jobs, making payroll, and expanding the tax base.
He also believes that job creation and economic
development will have a positive effect on nearly every area of concern.
"The best thing we can do for kids is to make sure mom and dad have a good job," Gadd says. "That fosters growth, and growth fosters funding for education and other projects by expanding the tax base rather than raising taxes."
Gadd says that strong leadership is required and that his slogan is "working to build a better tomorrow."
"We need people to walk the walk, not just talk the talk," said Gadd, "and my record of achievement shows that I will actively seek out solutions benefiting southeast Ohio."
The 93rd Ohio House District includes all of Monroe, Noble and Guernsey counties as well as parts of Washington and Muskingum counties.

Clarington Businesses Targeted for Crime

Break-ins at the Star Fire Express BP and Clair
Tavern in Clarington are under investigations by
Monroe County sheriff's deputies, as is an attempted break in at the USWA Local 5724 Union Hall, adjacent to Clair Tavern. A 4-wheeler accident is also being investigated.
According to Deputy Chuck Black, the incidents
happened between  midnight and 3:15 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 3.

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< Lorna Lou Christman Good, 80, Woodsfield
Jan. 30, 1926- Oct.4, 2006
Online condolences may be expressed at

Jack B. Salisbury, 81, of Woodsfield died Oct. 2 at Wheeling Hospital
Online condolences may be expressed at
< Neil O. Turner, 77, of Jacksonville, Fla., formerly of Woodsfield, died Oct. 10, 2006.

<Warm the Children

Donations may be mailed to:
Warm the Children
Pandora Neuhart, coordinator
40189 Gun Club Road,
Woodsfield, OH 43793

by Arlean Selvy, Publisher
Boots, blankets, mittens and mufflers were not items
one would normally think about during a weekend such
as the one just past. Beautiful! At least it was in my
neck of the woods.
However nice, though, I did think about the coming
winter weather. Yes, of course there's a good reason
for my mind wandering in that direction - the Warm the
Children program.
Old Jack Frost will be nipping at the nose and
chomping at  the toes in no time at all.  It's the
goal of Warm the Children to make sure the children of
the Switzerland of Ohio School District have the
boots, shoes and coats necessary to ward off the
challenges of Jack's nipping and chomping. To do that,
we ask that our readers get involved by sending
donations to purchase the winter coats and boots.
Warm the Children is the brain child of Mack Stewart,
a former newspaper publisher whose desire was to help
the children of needy families. Mack is a resident of
Connecticut and knows the consequences of a harsh
winter. Our winters may not be quite the same as
Connecticut's but cold is cold! Mack's Warm the
Children program has spread to many states and is
administered by hundreds, maybe thousands, of
newspapers. The desired result is keeping kids warm.
The Beacon, partnered with the Kiwanis Club, has the
same desire, to keep kids warm.
All donations are spent on new warm winter coats and
shoes for children of needy families. All purchases
are made in Monroe County. All advertising is paid by
Monroe County Beacon. No administration fees are taken
from donations - 100 percent is used to purchase
winterwear for children from birth to senior in high
My hope is that you will find this program, now in
its eighth year, worthy of your donation. To date,
the following donations have been received:
Charles E. Buckio, Beaver Creek, Ohio
Mildred Knowlton, Clarington
A.E. & Carol J. Williams, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Shirley Lohr , Fly
Dale Lung, Mentor, Ohio
Monroe County AARP
Betty Paulus
Catherine Paulus
Patricia Shaw
Our first donation was received from Pat Shaw. She
was thinking about helping to Warm the Children way
back last summer and sent a donation.
Donations may be mailed to: Warm the Children
Pandora Neuhart, coordinator 40189 Gun Club Road,
Woodsfield, OH 43793